Dietland season 1, episode 4 recap: ‘F…This’


Dietland tries to explain the concept of “bangability” as Plum tries to endure more of Verena’s plan.

In a matter of four episodes, Dietland has become quite the interesting story. Plum has gone from an insecure woman to someone well on her way to achieving the status she has always wanted to. Thanks to Verena, she has been given the financial means to do the weight-loss surgery she wants, but it requires her going through all the steps of her plan.

This week, the plan is to help Plum achieve “bangability” through a series of makeover steps that will transform Plum into the woman of every man’s dreams. As part of the plan, Plum is given a mentor by the name of Marlowe. An old sitcom star that lost her bangability, is now going to help Plum find hers.

Through a series of painful makeover sessions, Marlowe takes Plum to be waxed, Botoxed, out for a shopping spree, along with many other things. She even finds a hot, sexy red dress that will be required for the next part of Plum’s plan–dating.

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After her insane day out, Plum heads to a meeting with Kitty who is extremely displeased over Plum’s random absence. After seeing her dolled up, she asks where she has been and if she has spent all her time getting glammed up instead of dealing with the crisis at work.

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It appears Jennifer has now made Austen Media its next target and is demanding they publish a manifesto–even though Kitty has no intentions of doing so. Thanks to Plum’s withdrawal adventure from last week’s episode, she wrote an article that Kitty intends on actually publishing. She is coming around to the idea that some of her readers are plus-size.

With the news of Plum being published, her mother is over-the-moon excited, especially after she had to come to Plum’s aid following the Y-withdrawal. However, the happy mood soon turns sour after Plum’s mom sees her bruised face from all the procedures that were done on her. She isn’t happy with Plum’s decision to go with Verena’s plan and plans to confront her.

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Angered by Plum’s appearance, Mrs. Kettle heads to Verena’s and soon learns of what the plan actually looks to achieve. Meanwhile, Plum heads to the plastic surgeon’s office to see what changes will have to be made to achieve the weight she desires to be. At first, Plum seems overly eager about what changes are to come, that is until the doctor starts to mention the scarring that it will leave behind.

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Back at Daisy Chain, Kitty decides to publish the manifesto after seeing a mirror filled with Post-It notes that push her to change her mind. And when the CFO tries to stop her from doing so, she reminds him of an affair he once had with his assistant and will not hesitate to use that against him if needed. Damn, Kitty.

And after all that, Plum decides she is still going to go through with the surgery and calls the doctor’s office to tell them she is ready to put down her deposit. Looks like Plum is still clinging onto the dream.

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