Humans sees the division between the synths grow in ‘Episode 2’


The division among synths continues growing as many wish to fight back in this week’s Humans.

It doesn’t look like our favorite synth family will be reuniting soon in the coming weeks but at least “Episode 2” let them interact a bit. Humans has always been at it’s best when the Elster siblings get to be together. Unfortunately, everyone is dealing with their own problems as they try to find ways to cope in this new world.

It’s fascinating to watch how far Max, Mia, and Niska have come since the first season. The latter two have always been a bit naive about humanity because their only interactions were limited to the Hawkins family. Last year, Mia learned a hard lesson about how cruel and self-serving people can be. Sadly, Max has begun to experience his own realization after the brutal murder of Flash.

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While her two siblings have become a bit more jaded over time, Niska is the one to be more optimistic. In season one, no viewer would have expected her to be the one to hunt down a synth bomber. While Max and Mia have learned not all humans are like the Hawkins, Niska now understands they’re not all like her “father”. Her relationship with Astrid has given her a reason to want a peaceful coexistence with humans.

“Episode 2,” explores these developments as Max slowly transitions to a more forceful leader. He’s not sure what to do anymore and ends up banishing humans from the compound. It’s a decision neither Leo or Mattie understand but he does it out of love. Yet, there’s nothing more heartbreaking then Leo suddenly being forced to leave the only family he’s ever known.

Niska and Mia go on a road trip to pick up some synths immigrating from another country. Their scenes together are delightful, and it’s hard not to wish Humans would allow us to see more of their relationship. Emily Berrington and Gemma Chan are particularly great when Mia admits how lost she is right now. For a character who started out as the maternal figure of the group, it’s easy to see how hard it is to admit her vulnerability. Yet, Niska encourages her to keep trying to relate to humanity despite her experiences.

The Hawkins family have a productive week as well, with Laura starting at the Dryden Commission. She ends up getting an orange-eyed synth named Stanley who’s overt friendliness is a bit creepy. Nevertheless, he ends up being a huge help to the family as a bodyguard.

Shockingly, Joe finds himself in one of the most interesting storylines of “Episode 2”. He’s thriving as a smalltown grocer in his synth-free village. That is until he runs into Karen and Sam on the street. It’s been a long time since I rooted for Joe, but when he teaches Sam how to draw horribly, it’s a surprisingly touching moment. It’s not surprising that Karen would like to be cautious with this relationship though. However, I really hope Joe does end up taking on Sam as a son and teaching him football.

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Humans is easily still one of the most underrated series on television. It’s exploring a myriad of issues this season, all of which feel incredibly relevant to the current climate. Sadly, it also deals with the general apathy society has slowly become accustomed too. Like the series shows, most people don’t really care about synths or their rights, which is why they’re quiet while others advocate for destruction.

This week ends with Niska discovering an abandoned house with an orange eyed synth mysteriously appearing. He apparently works for the terrorist organization, opening the door for a bigger conspiracy.