FX developing Time Travelin’ Jerk


FX is teaming with Billy Eichner to develop Time Travelin’ Jerk, an animated series that will pair, hopefully, with FX hit Archer.

According to Deadline, Eichner will wear several hats on the new production, having co-written and executive produced the series while voicing a lead character.

Doug Brady and Anna Wenger will join Eichner, having previously collaborated on Billy on the Street.

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Doug Brady created the show, which will mainly be written by Brady, Eichner and Wenger. Time Travelin’ Jerk has been described as Back to the Future meets Groundhog Day.

Unlike Archer, Time Travelin’ Jerk will feature a female lead — Ashley.

Ashley is supposed to be a hysterically derisive woman. Keen and idealistic, Ashley gets stuck time traveling, which she finds bothersome to her present life, but she attempts to stay positive nonetheless.

Eichner will voice Parker, a clumsy yet kind accountant who accompanies, and sometimes helps, with Ashley’s time-traveling escapades. Brady, Eichner and Wenger all executive produce.

Eichner’s wit and cultural references as host of Billy on the Street have always been superb. As long as Eichner does not commit a Twitter crime with his political commentary, Time Travelin’ Jerk has the potential to run for many years.

No date has been announced yet, but with Archer likely to only run one more season, FX networks will want to air Time Travelin’ Jerk soon to capture Archer fans.

Eichner’s previous work on Billy on the Street won several award nominations, including Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series in 2017 and Outstanding Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Program in 2015.

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With the ability to stage scenes in any time period, the writer’s room should be able to frolic around with their references and humor. Eichner’s past work with Funny or Die and portrayal of Craig Middlebrooks on the sitcom Parks and Recreation should have fans excited.

FX is hoping Eichner can carry on with his Midas touch while building upon the brand FX developed with Archer.