12 Monkeys final season starts tonight on SyFy


The final season of 12 Monkeys is finally here on SyFy, and like they did with season 3, they are throwing everything out in rapid succession.

According to showrunner Terry Matalas, his entire plan was for the season to go four seasons, so while it looks like SyFy is dumping the show, at least he got the chance to tell his story.

Season 3 ended with Jennifer deemed the “Primary” and turning the entire mission over to her. This doesn’t make Cole (who was the main character in the movie version) any less important, but the show has really carved out a unique place of its own.

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One thing that 12 Monkeys — the TV show — has going for it is some great characters and it is the fans who have become emotionally invested in them that will get the most out of this final season.

Anyone who watched and loved the Terry Gilliam movie knows that things might not work out well for the characters that they love. Matalas agreed, calling this final season “emotional terrorism” but it is all earned.

"“There is a lesson at the very end of Season 4 that I think is important. I think it’s a good way to look at life and how we deal with time. Yeah, I would like the audience to come away really satisfied that they got the answers they want. They got the emotional payoff they want.”"

Matalas also promised that season 4 of 12 Monkeys will “head to medieval times” and put the characters in a “darker, more dangerous time period.”

Here is the trailer that they dropped at the San Diego Comic-Con for the final season.

The show released the entirety of season 3 in one weekend. At least with season 4, it is coming out over a month, although the first three episodes will hit tonight. Then, each Friday three more episodes will hit until the two-part finale on July 6.

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That is 11 episodes in four weeks, and while that sounds crazy for a TV show, it is no different than when Netflix or Hulu drop an entire season at once. It is just unusual for a basic cable network like SyFy.

12 Monkeys airs on the SyFy Network on Friday nights from 8 p.m. to11 p.m. EST.