Colony season 3 episode 7 recap: ‘A Clean, Well Lighted Place’


The Bowmans have spent several months in the Seattle Colony under their assumed name, the Daltons. Will (Josh Holloway) is working as a driver and doing private investigations, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is working for the Colony as an advocate assisting families.

Their son Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) is working as a  delivery man and their daughter Grace is attending school. No one is rebelling and their life now is completely the opposite of everything that’s happened to them so far in Colony.

Will is trying to locate a man named Terry, whose wife swears he entered the Colony with them. While looking into the matter, Will finds out from Terry’s friend Lillian the man was good at fixing cars. He also talks to Terry’s husband Jonathan who claims that they were ambushed outside the Colony.

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Will finally manages to find a mechanic who remembers Terry’s car and the man who owned it; Jonathan is really Terry who abandoned his family.

When he confronts Jonathan/Terry, Will knocks him down and pummels him in anger.

Bram is living life as a normal teenager, sneaking out one night to visit his girlfriend. Katie helps the Winslow family transfer out of the camp to their immense relief. Later, while checking on the family, Katie goes to their address.

She finds that their apartment and the entire building is empty. It is also clear that Katie and Will aren’t getting along too well at the moment.

Will goes back to Terry’s wife Daisy and informs her that Terry died of a heart attack and cannot take her money. Later while sitting in his car, Broussard (Tori Kittles) get in the backseat and tells him that Seattle is an interesting place.

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Ok, this episode felt extremely odd. It was like looking at an alternate reality for the Bowmans. The phrase that describes their new life in Seattle is “If it looks to good to be true it probably is.” Especially because Bram is making deliveries for something called Emerald City Direct.

Emerald City is a reference the city in The Wizard of Oz where the man pretending to be a wizard resides. Clearly, something is up with the Seattle Colony, it’s just a matter of what.