Colony season 3 episode 8 recap: Lazarus


Something is seriously off about the Seattle Colony.

For starters, pod people are being housed just off-site. Pod people who also seem to be pretty well-coordinated. In the meantime, Katie can’t shake her curiosity about what happened to the family who disappeared.

After her boss encourages her to drop it, Katie finds out that the bus the family was on is headed for the Portland Colony.

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Whatever that means isn’t clear, but it doesn’t sound good. Later, when she tries to admit to Will he was right about the area, he doesn’t seem to be listening to her.

After being off-screen for the last episode, Snyder is back. Of course, Will isn’t keen to give him a warm welcome. Snyder is back specifically to learn how the Seattle Colony is run so well. The man in charge of Seattle is Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady), who has been briefly shown but never fully introduced until now.

The smashing success of Seattle is of great interest to Snyder and his associates. Kynes also reveals that the alien hosts have given him their technology directly.

Broussard and Amy witness a man they’ve been following participate in an exchange of briefcases. After getting one of the cases, Broussard opens it to find a bit of alien metal technology.

Meanwhile, Will has seen Snyder during their surveillance of the briefcase exchange and is on a mission to find out what he is up to, resolving to kill him once they find out what he’s up to.

With perhaps one or two exceptions, it doesn’t seem like any of the characters honestly trust each other anymore. A sense of paranoia has slowly but steadily taken over their interactions with each other.

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But that’s not to say it’s unwarranted; far from it in fact. There is a reason the term divide and conquer exists. If a colonizing force wanted to take over an area, the first thing it would do is to figure out the various local factions and exploit it.

The Bowmans really have nowhere else to go at this point and are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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