Colony season 3 episode 6 recap: ‘The Emerald City’


After the Occupation destroyed the Resistance camp, the Bowman family is up a creek without a paddle on Colony.

They are not only left on their own with no supplies, but their daughter Grace sustained a broken arm in the firefight and the wound is becoming infected. Interestingly enough, this is exactly what Amy treated the child for when she and Broussard stumbled across a group of survivors in Colony.

In a state of total desperation, they see countless references to a colony in Seattle. With no other options, the Bowman’s head there. The situation becomes dire enough for Will to commandeer a car at gunpoint. The Bowman’s make it to Seattle and their daughter gets treatment, but it’s revealed that the Seattle authority knows that Will lied to them about their names and background. It is only a question of what they do with it.

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Meanwhile, Snyder (Peter Jacobson) is basking in admiration from the Occupation authority, who’ve arranged for him to live in luxury in Switzerland after he successfully destroyed the Resistance camp. But old habits die-hard, as Snyder is immediately pressed to further serve the authority but at a higher level.

He initially claims disinterest, but his protests fade away rather quickly. It is also revealed that Snyder’s abilities surprised his Occupation superiors. The assessors forgot to include the variable of human adaptability when they devised an algorithm to assess individuals.

Although they are currently in vastly different circumstances, both the Bowman’s and Snyder are fighting to survive in their respective ways.

Snyder is currently at the top of the Occupation’s good list. As he is currently living in a posh Swiss Alps chalet, he is literally as well as figuratively on top. But just like the Bowman’s, he needs to be careful. Because when someone is at the top, that means there is much farther one can fall.

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Just like the mountain, he is literally on, the figurative mountain he’s climbing is fraught with peril as well. One mistake is all it takes to come falling down.

Snyder is the show’s wild card. His loyalty seems to be reserved only for himself and his motivation is hard to pinpoint. But one thing is certain; Snyder knows how to finesse a situation.