Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland promises no more long waits


Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland explains why we will no longer have to wait for eons between seasons.

Justin Roiland and co-creator of Rick and Morty Dan Harmon acknowledge that in the past there has been an unacceptable gap between seasons of the popular show. This was, of course, before Adult Swim ordered a ridiculous 70 episode renewal of the cult phenomenon series about the adventures of the alcoholic mad scientist Rick and his unfortunate grandson Morty.

We thought the news couldn’t get better, but Roiland says that not only will we have years of episodes to look forward to, the seasons will come out on a regular schedule.

According to Roiland, the long wait between seasons had mostly to do with the questionable stability of the show’s future. Both Roiland and Harmon had to take projects outside the series in order to support themselves while they waited for news of an uncertain renewal, which distracted them both from producing the show once it was renewed.

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The uncertainty of the show’s future also inspired its creators to spend more time on each episode, perfecting and polishing as if each episode would be the last. But now Rick and Morty is their full-time job, which means no more distractions.

"“We’re super excited that, for the first time ever, we’re locked in, we know what the future is, we have job security,” said Roiland. “We want the episodes to stay good, but we do also want to try to turn them around a little quicker now that we have this big order, I think it gives us the ability to be faster.”"

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Roiland promises, no more “chasms” between seasons – at least no more after the one we’re experiencing now. Once we have news of when to expect season four, then the celebration can really begin.

Source: CinemaBlend