Humans sends Niska on the hunt for answers in ‘Episode 3’


Leo begins to acclimate to regular life in this week’s episode of Humans.

For a long time, Leo was the bridge between both humans and synth because of his unique physiology. However, in season three of Humans he loses the only part of himself he likes to become a human again. While it’s nice to see him almost cheerfully embracing his new life, it’s probably one of the duller parts of “Episode 3”.

After feeling lost for the past couple of episodes, Mia has decided to take Niska’s advice to heart. She ends up deciding to live among humans rather than hide in her synth community. Of course, she’s met by both fear and hostility. The realtor ends up calling the police on her without a second thought.

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Even though Laura and Mia have been on the outs since their fight, it’s nice to see the latter immediately back up the former. Their friendship has always been one of the strongest and most realistic parts of Humans. Considering Mia has always been the most likable member of the original synths, it makes sense for her to be the one to make an attempt to bond with the community.

In comparison, the synths are growing restless under Max’s leadership. Agnes is a petulant character, and it’s hard to even empathize with her anger. She has no real plan for survival, but Humans makes it clear she just wants a war. When she learns of Mia’s new plan, she doesn’t hope for success but anticipates failure. Instead, she simply craves to see Max proven wrong so she can take over. Part of me hopes she takes her radical group of followers and simply leaves the compound.

Thankfully, Karen’s and Sam’s storyline is so interesting that it makes up for Agnes. Joe is happy living in his community, but it’s clear he’s lonely. It doesn’t look like he has any friends and his kids spend most of their time at Laura’s. Mattie hasn’t even been to his apartment, and it doesn’t look like the two have much of a relationship. Even though Sam’s a synth, he sees an opportunity to start over and be a full-time father again.

Meanwhile, Karen has to come to terms with the fact she can never be a perfect mother. David Elster’s programming prevents her from stepping in front of a car to save Sam this week. Her heartbroken realization she can never protect him fully is a cruel reminder of her poor time with Leo.

The two elder Hawkins women get a bit of romance in this week’s episode. Neil and Laura go out on a relatively nice date but it doesn’t go much further. Meanwhile, Mattie and Leo finally get together after three years of build-up. For the first time, he’s the optimistic one in their relationship. But considering how many times he’s referenced his incredibly quick healing, Humans probably has something up their sleeve for the two of them.

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In the meantime, it’s clear the orange eyes or their creators are up to something. Niska is left a threatening message before the new synth ends up dying. Could the Qualia organization from last season be up to something?