Fear The Walking Dead hints at major character’s return


Fear The Walking Dead may have hinted at the return of a major character from the past–thanks to a carefully placed Easter egg in a recent episode.

Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead love placing Easter eggs for fans to find, and it appears we may have stumbled across a big one recently. It appears that Al may have at some point come across Daniel Salazar!

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How exactly do we know this? Well, if you’ve been watching Fear The Walking Dead, you know Al records conversations with everyone she meets, and in one of the scenes with Madison, we see a tape labeled “D.S.”. Could this be the Daniel Salazar we all love and miss? Maybe, just maybe.

There was another Easter egg amongst the tapes, of which one was labeled, “Abe/Doctor”, most likely referring to The Walking Dead’s Abraham and Eugene. When Madison is seen going through all the tapes, all the labels tell a story, according to the co-showrunner. He went on to say that if you pay close attention, certain names will stick out to you–they sure did!

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Ruben Blades, who plays Daniel Salazar, is set to appear in season four of Fear The Walking Dead, but not as a series regular. Co-showrunner Andrew Ambliss also confirmed that:

"Daniel is “alive and out there and there is a very good chance that he will appear in the Walking Dead universe.”"

In the mid-season finale, we learned Al met Madison before her death at the stadium, and fans are holding out hope that perhaps she also ran into Daniel at some point. According to Cinema Blend, the other tapes include labels of: ‘St. Luke’s Hospital,’ ‘Slim,’ ’The Oil Fields,’ ‘Killeen, Texas,’ ‘Dallas,’ ‘Dog Shelter,’ ‘Mrs. Jamison,’ and ‘Bartlett.’

What could they all mean? I guess we will have to wait just a little bit longer to find out!

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