Child’s Play coming to the small screen as a TV show


Child’s Play remains an iconic horror movie that has developed a number of sequels over the years. Now, the horror icon Chucky is coming to TV.

While that is great news for fans of the horror doll, the news is even better. Don Mancini, the creator of the original movie, is behind this TV show.

The news broke when Mancini himself sent out a teaser clip on Twitter about the TV show.

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As seen above. it is a simple GIF that shows Chucky and the words: “Child’s Play: The TV Series” with the tagline, “Don’t adjust your sets.”

According to Bloody Disgusting, it sounds like Brad Dourif will be back to voice Chucky and Comic Book reported that Jennifer Tilly might return as the voice of Tiffany.

The interview with Bloody Disgusting, which happened earlier this year, also had Mancini say that the show will use “Child’s Play” in the title and that it would be “darker than ever before,” calling it very creepy.

This makes it sound like it will be sent out to some of the premium networks that go for these kinds of shows. A good bet could be Starz, which made Ash vs. Evil Dead, which wrapped up its run earlier this year. Other options could be streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Don Mancini has TV experience, working on shows like Hannibal and Channel Zero.

Child’s Play is about a serial killer who is shot by a police officer and uses magic to transport his soul into the body of a doll named Chucky. He then sets out to get revenge against the people he felt wronged him but ends up the property of a young boy named Andy.

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As the movie series moved on, the franchise turned to comedy-horror in films like Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Most recently Cult of Chucky brought things full circle with Andy back, played by the same actor who portrayed him as a child.