Preacher season premiere: What did God say to Tulip?


Last night, the season three premiere of Preacher aired on AMC and Jesse was able to get his evil Gran’ma to bring Tulip back from the dead.

Well, more accurately, Tulip was in Purgatory. After she got to relive her tragic past with her daddy but before the bureaucrats from Hell could come and take her away, Gran’ma was able to save Tulip and bring her back to the land of the living.

However, before she woke up in her body next to Jesse once again, she had a little detour on the road to Angelville, where she happened to see a certain Deity dressed up like a dog.

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Yep, God is back and he said that Tulip played an important part in his “Grand Design” and then raised his arm, showed a great fiery light, and said …

That is the problem with the Preacher season 3 premiere. The episode cut out while God was talking and then Tulip woke up.

So, what did God say to Tulip?

The comic books had a different manner of telling the Tulip resurrection story. In the comics, it is Gran’ma and her boys that killed Tulip. As a matter of fact, Jody shot Tulip in the head and killed her in the comics.

Then, Tulip’s body was left upstairs in the bedroom when God spoke to her. He resurrected her and said that he brought her back because he was a loving God. He then said that, because he proved he was a fair and just God, he asked her to return the favor by getting Jesse to stop looking for him.

This was Tulip, so she told God where he could go and the hunt continued.

In the Preacher TV show, it was The Grail that caused Tulip to die. Instead of God resurrecting her, it was Gran’ma. However, God still grandstanded and said it was part of his plan and then he spoke to Tulip about what he wanted.

We didn’t hear it but according to some viewers on Reddit, God said: “Get those sonsabitches.” That makes a lot of sense because next week’s episode is called “Sonsabitches.”

What does this mean for Preacher?

Jesse is not happy. He wanted Tulip back and got it, but at the expense of owing his evil Gran’ma again. He also found out from an angry and vengeful Cassidy that the two of them slept together while Jesse was gone earlier in the series.

There will be a split of some sorts later this season if Cassidy is to end up searching out another mysterious vampire. However, there also looks to be a difference in Tulip as well.

In the comics, Tulip wanted nothing more to do with God and his requests but she smiled and seemed interested when he asked her to help him in the Preacher season 3 premiere.

That isn’t what happened here and if God did say “Get those sonsabitches,” it makes it sound like God isn’t too happy about what The Grail is doing right now, since they are who killed Tulip and he can send her out to clean up that mess. Or maybe, he is talking about Gran’ma and Jody.

What it doesn’t sound like it that he is too worried out Jesse right now — which was his entire concern in the comics at this point.

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Things change in the Preacher TV show — from Arseface going to Hell and meeting Hitler to the introduction of Gran’ma. There is no telling what the changes to Tulip moving forward will result in, but the show remains fresh and rejuvenated heading into season 3.

Preacher airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST on AMC.