Preacher season 4, episode 3 recap: Deviant

Preacher is back with “Deviant.” We get an idea of why Cassidy is repenting. Tulip is afraid of a psych eval. Jesse fights Furries. We’ve got the recap!

“Deviant” explores the deviant sides of everyone on Preacher. I mean, every episode kind of does that. But this shines a light on the deviant side of life. The stinger features an add for a skin cream that keeps people looking young. It’s a fancy mash-up of what the old De Beers commercials looked like on the other side of the silhouettes. the cream is advertised to include more foreskins than ever. Cut, literally, to Cassidy (Joe Gilgun). He’s at the cream factory in Bensonhurst. Poor Cassidy is strapped up and circumcised about 30 times per minute in order to provide the secret ingredient. How did he get out of The Grail? Why is he still The Grail’s prisoner? Where’s Tulip (Ruth Negga).

The Roar Shack

Tulip is in The Grail’s infirmary recovering from the fake injuries that got her in. She’s almost cleared to be released by Dr. Hiatt (Christopher Brown). All she needs to do is take a psych evaluation. You would think she was being asked to take a lie detector test or be fingerprinted. She starts a small riot before being knocked out.

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When she awakens, no one has discovered who she is. All Dr. Hiatt wants is to complete the battery of tests. On a Rorschach Test, Tulip describes everything violently and including blood. Dr. Hiatt thinks she’s suffering from major mental issues, but release her since we all have our little idiosyncrasies. That also happens to be exactly when Featherstone realizes that Tulip is in disguise and in The Grail.

Meanwhile, we know Jesse (Dominic Cooper) ends up on a plane with his boots. Back when he went to get his lighter from the parking lot of Jesus De Sade’s (James Smithers) place, he noticed a young boy lamenting and looking out the window. He is ushered out of sight. Jesse doesn’t want to, but he goes in to check after the boy. Jesus De Sade tries to stop him at the door, so Jesse punches his lights out.

Once inside, he realizes that the boy is the same boy (Kaan Guldur) from the road in “The Last Supper.” Jesse tells the boy to come with him, but he wants to stay. He’s posing for pedophiles, but he’s making $35 per hour. Yikes, Preacher. Yikes. Jesse gets his boots back from the boy and fights everyone in the building. It’s a fight worthy of the third act of Kill Bill Vol. 1. Fists lead to blunt objects. Blunt objects lead to knives. Knives lead to guns. Jesse kills everyone. Then he notices a bullet hole in the door to the room where he left the boy. His worst fears are realized when he finds the boy on the ground with a bullet hole in his head.

Jesse is now on an airplane with his boots. But the plane hits turbulence. He sees a news report of the massacre on the news and is named as the perpetrator. Is this real? Is this the point where he falls from the sky?

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Before being shipped to Bensonhurst, Cassidy relives 1918. While he was human, he went off to fight the British for independence. But his friend is badly maimed and Cassidy leaves him for dead. He’s ashamed and afraid to go home. He’s then turned into a vampire by something that looks like the Grandmother of Swamp Thing.

Did you like Deviant? Do think Cassidy will get out of captivity next week on Preacher? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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