Preacher releases an inside look at season 3 premiere (VIDEO)


Preacher season 3 premiere introduced the evilest villain from the comic books in Gran’ma.

The episode also showed the further fracturing of Jesse and Cassidy’s relationship and had a great story that was not from the comics — Tulip in Purgatory — before God himself told her to “get those sons…

Before moving on to Preacher season 3, episode 2 — “Sonsabitches,” here is a look at what happened on the premiere episode via a video from AMC.

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As Dominic Cooper (Jesse) and Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy) reveal, one of the big themes here is that the two friends hate each other now, but don’t want to feel this way about each other.

“I don’t think either of them want to feel the way they do about each other,” Gilgun said. “But they do.”

That is when we meet Marie L’Angelle — Gran’ma. Flashbacks from previous seasons showed Jesse watch as his father is murdered in front of him. He is shown locked in a pine box and lowered to the bottom of a swamp for punishment.

Now, we meet the woman responsible — his own grandmother.

Betty Buckley has an impressive film career including the role as the kind counselor in the 1976 Stephen King film Carrie and the psychologist in the 2016 M Night Shyamalan movie Split. After playing those kind-hearted characters in horror movies, she gets to play Gran’ma — a very evil character.

“She understands what drives them,” Buckley said of Gran’ma, “and knows what their vulnerabilities are.”

As the episode showed, Jesse cut his hand and gave her his blood. As showrunner Sam Catlin said, Jesse took a blood compact and now Gran’ma owns him until she says the compact is paid — as long as she has the kerchief with the blood on it.

This puts Jesse in Angelville for a long time. With Jody and Jesse having issues, this puts every one of the heroes in danger outside of the original problems with The Grail and the missing God.

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Finally, Ruth Negga talks about Tulip’s Purgatory — shot like a play on a theater stage. As Negga said, this shows why she is vulnerable and how she came to be.

Cooper wrapped things up by saying that he chose to return to the family that represented “pain, suffering, hatred and torture, but life.” He then went back to that family to get the love of his life back again.

Preacher airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. EST on AMC.