First trailer and premiere date for The Purge series revealed


As The First Purge gets set for its release on August 4th, SyFy and the USA Network is preparing for their own premiere of The Purge.

A release date for the 10 episode season has now been announced to premiere on September 4th.  Not only that but the first teaser trailer for The Purge has now been released.

For those unfamiliar with The Purge as a whole, it takes place in a dystopian near future.  A new dictatorship government has taken over and as a result, effectively made America into a police state.

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In an effort to bring stability to the country, the government starts an annual 12-hour event called The Purge.  During that time all crime, including but certainly not limited to murder becomes legal.

Despite the franchise’s mixed reception from critics and audiences, there’s actually a decent chance for the show to succeed.

The entirety of the first season will take place over the course of a single Purge night.  While writing a 10 episode season worth of material is no easy feat, it’s far from impossible.  24 became one of the biggest shows on TV for several years with a similar timeline approach.

If it ends up getting renewed, future seasons can make the show an anthology series of sorts, similar to that of American Horror Story.  

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The series will star Gabriel Chavarria, Jessica Garza, Amanda Warren, Colin Woodell, Lili Simmons, Lee Tergesen and Hannah Anderson.

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