Pose season 1, episode 5 recap: ‘Mother’s Day’


Pose presents an interesting, dramatic Mother’s Day in another excessively long episode.

Pose is quite the intriguing show, and while immersing ourselves into the ballroom world is exciting, every week the episodes tend to be too long. This is yet again the case for this week, but somehow you manage to make it through without yawning (too much).

This week’s topic was on Mother’s Day and quite the traumatizing one for Blanca. A flashback takes us to when Blanca first entered the ballroom world and epically failed. It was Elektra who took her in and gave her a place to call home, and someone to call Mother.

Of course, in the present day, the two have gone their own ways, but the theme of the episode finds a way to bring them back together. The reason for the reunion comes after Blanca learns her mother has passed away. Of course, she has been on the outs with her family for years, and this news comes as a devastating shock to her.

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Going to her mother’s funeral was a difficult moment for Blanca this week because she is estranged from her family, and they had a strong reaction to her lifestyle choices. In fact, they couldn’t even get themselves to refer to her as Blanca and opted to call her Mateo, her original name.

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Thanks to the support of her children and Pray Tell, she goes to the funeral and the wake following it, despite her siblings’ strong distaste for her presence. And despite the altercations and arguments that ensued, she ended up in a better place with her sister as a result of it all, when her sister came by her house to give her their mother’s cookbook.

Elektra finally underwent gender reconstruction surgery–but she didn’t seem to have much support through it. In fact, it was Blanca that paid her a visit at the hospital and mended their relationship because she was her mother when this all began.

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And then there’s the love triangle brewing between Angel, Stan, and his wife, Patty. I guess we can throw in Stan’s boss, Matt in as well since he is the instigator behind the drama. It’s become clear that Pose intends on creating the most drama with this storyline, but it’s not entirely convincing.

Basically, Matt is dead-set on destroying Stan’s life especially after he undermined him and took a big deal away from him. Matt knew the best way to get to Stan was through his wife. He had implanted seeds of doubt into her mind in a previous episode about Stan having an affair, in hopes that she would hook up with him. While the hook up didn’t happen, the conversation led Patty to Angel’s door, literally.

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Matt provided the information on Angel’s whereabouts, and with some extreme sleuthing, she managed to find the apartment Stan bought for Angel, and convince the landlord to show her the documents. Unfortunately for her, Angel had moved back home because she was playing hard to get. In the final moments of the episode, Patty finds herself at the ball, and eyeing Angel–she soon learns what might be going on and approaches Angel to talk.

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