More series based on Archie Comics coming to TV


With the success of Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Archie Comics publisher is wasting no time capitalizing on this new wave of fans.

You may not be familiar with Archie Comics, or if you have, it’s something your parents or even your grandparents read when they were kids.

But Archie Comics is getting a resurgence in today’s world.

If you ever watched Riverdale on The CW, then you’re partaking in the wonderful world of this red-haired protagonist and his friends. And Jon Goldwater, the publisher of Archie Comics, is just getting started.

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Goldwater plans to bring two new animated series to television. According to ScreenRant, the first will be a “far lighter tone than Riverdale.” The second will be a spinoff about Josie McCoy and have a horror theme. You may know Josie from her band, The Pussycats.

No one knows what network these two shows will end up on, but it’s safe to say there could be a following with the success of Riverdale on The CW and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. So, these shows could find a home on either network.

In addition, the team from Archie Comics is developing another live-action series called Sam Hill, Private Eye. Even the most avid Archie fans may not know this one. That’s because the Sam Hill Comics from 1950 was canceled after only seven issues. The series will focus on the noir detective set in the 1940s to the 1950s.

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The lighter Archie cartoon will be a good contrast to the moody, dark nature of Riverdale. It sounds like they will be more comedic in nature. The Sam Hill show will give showrunners more creative freedom because the subject isn’t as famous. And Josie, who is one of the more popular characters, will get more of an opportunity to shine.

Source: ScreenRant