Doom Patrol: Will Crazy Jane be the show’s version of Harley Quinn?


A new casting breakdown for Doom Patrol sheds some light on the character of Crazy Jane.

In a surprising twist, not all of the main characters from Doom Patrol will be introduced in Titans. The latest casting breakdown reveals Crazy Jane will be joining the team only on the spin-off and that she will be “Harley Quinn-esque”. That Hashtag Show reported the series is currently on the hunt to fill out its cast.

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Crazy Jane is an anti-hero from the comics with multiple personality disorder. Doom Patrol is currently looking to cast a woman in her twenties for the role to play the character. However, the actress will have her work cut out for her since Jane has sixty-four unique personalities.

In the comics, her different identities stem from an abusive childhood which led to this unique coping mechanism. However, since Crazy Jane is a metahuman, she ended up getting powers as well. Her dominant personality, Jane Morris, is the only one of the sixty-four to remain unpowered while the others all possess unique abilities.

However, it’s interesting Doom Patrol would describe the character as “Harley Quinn-esque”. Since Harley Quinn will already be getting her own animated series on DC Universe, does the network need another character like her? Also, Crazy Jane possesses so many distinct personalities that it seems unlikely she could be played all the time as the fun-loving Quinn.

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Yet, DC Comics has had a lot of luck in their television shows with slightly unhinged female anti-heroes. Barbara Kean, a fan favorite on Gotham, has long been compared to Harley Quinn due to her impulsive villainy. Meanwhile, The Flash had Golden Glider and Arrow had Cupid, two female characters who were quickly adored by fans. It makes sense that DC would want to capitalize on their success with these kinds of characters.

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