Colony season 3 episode 10 Sea Spray Recap


After arriving home after their encounter with Snyder, Will tells Katie what they did, but leaves out Bram’s role in it.  Will also tells her all about the outliers on Colony.

The big questions from Colony are what exactly are outliers and what do they mean? Since Will and Broussard have figured out they are outliers, they now have a personal interest in getting to the bottom of whatever it is Everett Kynes has planned for Seattle.

As noted in a previous recap, Seattle clearly knew who Will and Katie were. It was just a matter of what they would do with it. Well, now it seems that the Bowmans were let into the city because Will was an outlier. Later, Katie strong arms her boss Michelle into telling her that the colony is expediently bringing in hundreds of outliers. Katie also makes Michelle give her the list of the outliers. Broussard also joins in, because if you are planning a resistance, a few hundred specially trained fighters could come in handy.

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Snyder meets his old associate Garland along with Kynes, and as expected, he acts like typical Snyder. Later, Garland and Snyder meet someone Garland knows on the community patrol. Apparently, Kynes has his own personal discrete security group and there has been a double homicide in an alley. While Snyder doesn’t inform Kynes about his encounter with Broussard and Will, he tells Garland.

When trying to get a boat out to the launch pad, Broussard is told there are drones in the water. He later tries to convince Amy to work with Will, claiming they need him. She doesn’t listen, believing him to be unstable. After Broussard tells Will about his behavior recently, Will goes to Amy’s work. He explains about Charlie, apologizes, and asks her not to leave a good think because of his behavior.

Garland easily tracks down Will and Snyder realizes Kynes let him in deliberately, which violates his agreement with the hosts to turn over any outliers. While in town, Snyder has a security detail. The head of which, Harris, who is working with a group of outliers. The outliers believe he is spying on Kynes for them, but in reality Harris is playing double agent for Kynes. Snyder is keenly interested in the alien tech Kynes has, and is told Harris is looking into it.

After Snyder has a less than cordial lunch with Harris and Ford, the other person on his detail, Garland swoops in and puts a glass in a plastic bag for fingerprints. Harris’ real name is Victor Reznick and served in the U.S. Army. Which leads them to wonder, why is Kynes stocking outliers for a potential insurgency?

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The Bowmans and Broussard approach a man named O’Neil, who is part of the outlier group Harris is associating with. After trying to fight with them, Broussard calms him down and they begin to talk. The Bowmans tell him what is going on and O’Neil reveals a bit about his past. After proving themselves, Will and Katie say they want to meet his crew. Later, when the Bowmans are scoping out the dock, Will is given a note with a time for a meeting.