Colony season 3 episode 9 recap: ‘The Big Empty’


Will, Amy, Broussard, and Bram all work together to take out Snyder on Colony.

Snyder meanwhile is working to get information on Emmett Kynes for his superiors in the IGA occupation authority. Kynes, in turn, is equally suspicious and has some of his associates keep an eye on Snyder. While setting up their operation to get Snyder, Amy and Broussard get hotel rooms near Snyder’s and Broussard gets a maintenance uniform as a disguise. Bram meanwhile uses his position within Seattle’s security patrol to assist in the job on Colony.

When Snyder stops the at the hotel, Amy pretends to need assistance carrying ice buckets. After Snyder offers to lend a hand, Amy leads him back to her room where they ambush him. While Bram watches and gives updates on the security outside, they take Snyder downstairs and Will isn’t exactly handling him with kid gloves.

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During the interrogation, Snyder reveals the existence of a biological weapon and that the storage facility is for outliers who have been identified, put into stasis and carted off. The outliers may also be spared by drones. All the hosts require of the IGA authority is that they meet a certain number of outliers and laborers.

After this, it seems like it’s game over for Snyder. Despite frantically assuring Will that he loved Charlie, he did his best to get the family out of the resistance camp, and that he didn’t summon the IGA (which he did), Will still doesn’t back down.

Will almost kills Snyder but pulls back at the last-minute, unable to do it in front of Bram. Bram is angry Snyder is still alive and even offers to finish the job. Will refuses, not wanting Bram to have to live with it. Bram them reveals that he murdered a man who killed his friend during an attack. But Will lets Snyder go and Amy’s view of Will as unstable is cemented.

This episode finally show’s Will’s grief for his youngest son. Up until now, the stage of grief he seemed to be stuck in is anger. This is befitting of the nature of grief, as it often comes as in different ways and at unexpected times.

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Snyder flat-out lies to Will when he said he didn’t summon the occupation authority to raid the resistance camp. Of course, we know perfectly well he did. Odds are Will knows this deep down as well, but still lets Snyder go. Considering how scheming Snyder is, odds are good that Will is going to regret that. One can almost hear Will shouting “I should have killed you when I had the chance!” during some future episode.