Yvonne Strahovski deserves to win the Emmy for The Handmaid’s Tale


Yvonne Strahovski snagged her first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for The Handmaid’s Tale–and we believe she deserves to win.

Watching Yvonne Strahovski this season on The Handmaid’s Tale was hauntingly addicting. Her portrayal of Serena Waterford as the obedient, pious, by-the-book housewife was far beyond what audiences expected because something shifted in her personality in the second season.

Watching Strahovski transition Serena from the no-nonsense abrasive housewife to the woman who let June walk away with the baby in the season two finale is a testament to how talented she truly is. This is her first Emmy nomination and she is competing in the category alongside two of her co-stars, Alexis Bledel and Ann Dowd.

One of the most remarkable things about Strahovski’s performance this season is how she managed to get the audience to empathize with her character at times. Keep in mind, this is the same character that suggested raping June would be the best way to speed up her labor.

Perhaps what really hits home with her acting this season is seeing that she is human too (although, we have begged to differ many times throughout the course of the series). Life isn’t just tough for the Handmaids of Gilead, but Serena was subject to beatings by her husband and was privy to punishment when she attempted to read in front of the men’s council.

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Watching Strahovski tackle such varying sides to her character’s personality is one of the biggest reasons why she deserves to win the Emmy for this category. Not only is she season two’s standout performance, but she is the most improved from season one, and her character really took front and center in this season’s narrative.

She proved to be a multi-layered character and to be honest, it was absolutely unexpected and caught fans of the show off guard. It’s safe to say we never anticipated siding with Serena as a character, and by the end of the season, a lot of us found ourselves on Team Serena.

One of the most dynamic aspects of this season was watching Strahovski take Serena to the next level. Her scenes with Elisabeth Moss’ June is one of the most amazing things to watch unfold because Serena starts to develop a silent bond with her.

Over the course of the second season, Serena listens to June’s advice and acts on it–whether it’s trying to fight for literary rights for the future children of Gilead or allowing a Martha to treat a baby. There is such a stark difference in Serena between season one and two and it is why Strahovski stands out so much in season two.

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Yvonne Strahovski truly deserves to win this category and we can’t imagine anyone else that deserves it more than her. Come September we will be rooting for our girl all the way!

The Emmys 2018 air live on NBC on September 17th at 8 PM EST!