Westworld actors don’t know what’s happening in season 2 either


Westworld stars understand the show just about as much as viewers do, according to Evan Rachel Wood.

If you were confused by the non-linear timeline and the various reveals, semi-reveals, and hints in season two of HBO’s Westworld — don’t feel bad. You’re not alone.

It turns out that the stars of the show itself have very little idea what’s going on either. Even the destroyer of worlds Dolores Abernathy had a hard time keeping up with what timeline she was supposed to be in at any given time.

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“I had no idea what was happening in season two. At all. And we shot out of order, so most of the time — I mean, it was insane to be an actor on season two,” Wood said in an interview with Vulture. “I don’t know how I feel about it. (Laughs) But it was a ride. We stopped reading the call sheets. ”

Ed Harris, who plays the Man in Black, recently confided to Vulture that he felt similarly. “…I don’t think I’d be a good director for Westworld because I have a hard time understanding it. (Laughs) I’m as confused as anybody else watching this thing. I don’t always know what’s going on.”

Harris said previously that actors were sometimes called on to perform scenes without knowing the context of the action — an even more difficult task than simply filming out of order in a show that’s already written to be out of order.

Considering even the actors are confused, the complexity of season 2 might have contributed to mixed reviews and lower ratings as compared with season 1.

I for one don’t mind not always knowing what’s going on, because half the fun is trying to figure it out.

However, American audiences are somewhat spoiled when it comes to having things spelled out for them and often expect the closure of a kind that is easily understood.

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What are your thoughts about the second season of Westworld? Do you mind a show surprising you and keeping you guessing or do you want all the answers given to you each season?