Dietland season 1, episode 8 recap: ‘Rad Fatties’


This week on Dietland Plum is on the verge of being sued by Kitty and finds herself in an unfortunate situation pushing her to the edge.

With every passing week, Dietland is falling deeper into its narrative surrounding the feminist group Jennifer and Plum’s journey to finding out her place in the world.

I am enjoying the efforts the show is putting in given the nature of current events, but there is something about it that is causing it to lose its momentum.

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Plum seems to be leaning towards the efforts of Jennifer, but Verena begs to differ. She believes they are getting too violent, while Plum sees them taking actions to achieve justice.

It is perhaps why her character has undergone such a drastic change so quickly. The Jennifer group has resorted to murder, and this part of the story is starting to get a bit overdramatic–at least for me.

It’s also interesting to see how surprised Plum is when she learns that Austen Media is suing her after she sent out an email blasting their secrets. Is it really that shocking?

I don’t think so. Luckily for Plum, she comes to an agreement with Kitty who will take back the lawsuit if Plum does an interview painting her and Austen Media in a positive light.

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During the interview, Plum talks about Calliope House and Verena and basically outs their mission and purpose. When she returns home, she finds the entire house gathered in the living room ready to confront her.

They don’t appreciate that she talked about Calliope House and believe it puts them in danger because it is their safe place.

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Plum has been gradually losing her temper more easily and this throws her over the edge. She hasn’t exactly adhered to the new mindset she is trying to live by and shows little respect for others.

Throughout the episode, Jack (remember the guy who was obsessed with her weight?) keeps messaging her to apologize and asks to meet for a beer.

I was really hoping that she wouldn’t fall for his tricks but unfortunately, she did and decides to meet him for a drink. At first, things seem like they’re going well and they even head back to his place where things started to get heated romantically until he starts to let out the passion for his fetish.

One thing leads to another he forces himself on her and rapes her. Plum is distraught for what has unfolded and rushes out of there in fear and shame.

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This moment is particularly heartbreaking because Plum is struggling to find herself in the world, and every time she seems to be getting the hang of it, something happens. She is a semi-celebrity now due to her rants about Austen Media but now finds herself in a situation that Jennifer is trying to fight against.

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Joy Nash does a fantastic job in this scene because you can see the life leave her eyes in that horrendous moment, and there is something extremely jarring about it all. It will be interesting to see how Plum will deal with the aftermath of this situation and if it will push her closer to Jennifer.

Julia spent most of the episode trying to figure out a way to take down Jennifer. She even offers money for them to stop what they’re doing but it doesn’t look like they are interested in putting an end to sending out their message.

Will they actually ever stop? And what will happen to Julia if she continues to persist? We have just two more episodes of story left this season to find out!

Dietland airs every Monday on AMC at 9 PM EST!