Dietland season 1, episode 7 recap: ‘Monster High’


This week on Dietland, Plum takes charge of her life with her newfound attitude, while Jennifer strikes again.

Dietland is an intriguing show and the premise of it is so fitting with current events, and yet it manages to create a unique story and give it a different twist. After last week’s porno-driven epiphany, Plum is riding a new high.

She is feeling good, looking good, and doesn’t care about anything anymore–she’s just straight chilling.

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And while she may be riding a new wave in her life, Jennifer continues to wreak havoc on the patriarchy. A student named Fiona enters the boys’ locker room and begins to dance erotically for them, and as they shout suggestions, the coach comes in to stop her.

And before they know it, she unzips her clothes to reveal the bombs she has hidden underneath. The suicide bombing takes ten lives, and once again Jennifer attempts to make a statement.

And well, Jennifer isn’t taking responsibility for the event, but it sure stinks of their type of behavior lately. Plum is not disturbed by this news at all, and in fact, goes on with her day, and fills Steven in on her epiphany.

He is a bit perturbed over Plum’s behavior and isn’t on board with her decision to not get gastric bypass surgery.

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He thinks Calliope House has manipulated her and she needs to remove herself from the situation ASAP. His concern grows further when Plum decides to go all out with her lunch which includes fries, tuna melt, and a chocolate shake. When she explains that she has spent all this time trying to make herself thinner and prettier, she’s really just been setting herself up as prey.

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Plum is not having any of Steven’s rejections, and storms out of the coffee house in a whirlwind of rage. That high she was experiencing?

Well, it has taken a turn for the opposite direction. When she returns to Calliope House in a rage, Verena asks to speak with her about what is going on.

Plum is worried about the highs and lows she is experiencing but Verena assures her that it is normal especially after having such a grand epiphany. And while she is still figuring out things, Plum decides to continue staying at Calliope House with Verena’s encouragement. She also wants Plum to find a hobby and pushes her towards Sana to learn more about art.

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Her interaction with Sana leads to a piece of artwork that really inspires Plum–her silhouette outlined with spray paint to which she adds her breasts. Feeling inspired once again, Plum heads to her doctor’s office to cancel her surgery and get back the $10,000 deposit.

However, the office has a strict policy against canceling for non-medicinal reasons which once again throws Plum into a rage.

The receptionist tries to encourage her but telling her not to give up on herself, and Plum channels that begins spray painting over the doctor’s billboard with the same silhouette artwork that Sana created.

Unfortunately, this is vandalism and Plum is arrested on the spot and later bailed out by Dominic–who she is still extremely angry with and whom tells her he can’t stop thinking about her (major eye roll moment here).

Once again Plum feels inspired when she learns that her artwork has gone viral, and people have begun putting it on shirts and creating memes out of it. But then she decides to do something unexpected–she reveals to all the people she wrote to Kitty for that it was her writing all along, and not Kitty.

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This week on Dietland was grim for Kitty who faced a lot of ridicule and rejection. Her old friends want nothing to do with her–and even exclude her from a Tom Ford party. And Stanley refuses to bring her back on at Daisy Chain, and despite her threats, he ends up threatening her and refuses to listen to her threats.

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Back at Calliope House, Verena kicks out Julia because she is convinced that she is involved with Jennifer based on the manifesto and she is not about violence. We find out Julia has money, and when she got involved with Leeta she had no idea what the money was being used for.

By the episode’s end, we see Julia visit her sisters as they decide to “stop those bitches.”

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