Eleanor Matsuura added to cast for The Walking Dead season 9


As The Walking Dead prepares for their panel in Hall H at Comic-Con later today, more casting news has been announced for season 9.  Eleanor Matsuura has now joined the cast as Yumiko.

Yumiko is also a character featured in The Walking Dead the comics.  She is introduced as a member of a small group who reluctantly takes residence in Alexandria.  While they are initially distrustful of Rick and the citizens of Alexandria, they eventually join the fight against the Whisperers.

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Matsuura is a British actress with credits largely in TV series work in the UK that include shows such Doctor Who, Sherlock, Spooks: The Greater Good and Eastenders.  However, she has worked with AMC in the past with a recurring role as Baron Juliet Chau from Into the Badlands and also had a small role in Wonder Woman.  

This is just the latest bit of casting news to be announced for The Walking Dead this week.

The largely comedic actor Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts) has also joined the cast in a currently unspecified role.

The Tony Award-nominated actress Lauren Ridloff has also been added to the show in the role of Connie, one of the members of Yumiko’s group.

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All of this is on top of Jon Bernthal’s anticipated return to The Walking Dead as Shane for the first time since his brief cameo appearance back in season 3.

Season 9 is expected to premiere sometime in October.

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Source: Hollywood Reporter