Krypton announces season two details at San Diego Comic-Con!


Krypton promises the return of old characters and the dawn of new villains–are you ready for season two?

Krypton released oodles of information regarding season two earlier today during their San Diego Comic-Con panel–and fans can’t wait to see it all go down. Amongst the news released, it was announced that Lobo, a huge DC comics villain, will be raising hell in season two. It is uncertain who will be playing this role, but we’ll take any guesses you may have.

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For those who do not know much about Lobo, he is from Czarnia (sounds like Narnia, doesn’t it?), a peaceful planet in which he was born a devil. His name, when translated from his native tongue, means something like this: “he who devours your entrails and thoroughly enjoys it.” Well, then, doesn’t he sound friendly?

Krypton is set about two generations before Superman’s home planet is destroyed and follows the story of the Man of Steel’s grandfather, Seg-El, played by Cameron Cuffe. Seg-El faces a major conflict on whether or not he should save his home, or let the future take place as its meant to.

Season one pushed history to be re-written and moving forward into season two, there will be consequences to be faced–including character deaths. The series will also head to Brainiac’s home planet, Colu, which means the return of season one’s villain.

Next: Krypton season 2 to feature Doomsday, but did we see him before that finale?

The SDCC panel brought together the cast and crew including executive producer/showrunner Cameron Welsh, cast members Cameron Cuffe, Wallis Day, Shaun Sipos, Ann Ogbomo and DC Entertainment’s Dan Evans.

Are you excited about the return of Brainiac and the announcement about Lobo? Share your thoughts with us and be sure to keep an eye out for Krypton’s return to SyFy in 2019!