First Titans trailer is officially released with a clear message for Batman


The latest Titans trailer doesn’t hold back when it comes to addressing Batman.

Like every move Titans has made thus far, the first trailer has been met with varying degrees of fan reaction. However, one thing’s for sure, the new streaming series is meant to be darker and edgier than previous DC Comics shows.

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There’s a lot to unpack within the short trailer but let’s start with the good parts. For one thing, the costumes all look incredible, which is exciting for television production. Like a few fans predicted, Starfire’s and Beast Boy’s skin color changes when they’re using their power. The quick fight scene with Hawk and Dove looks equally impressive despite the short look.

While some people enjoyed it, the dark tone of the trailer took away from the series for me. The Teen Titans have always been a bit lighthearted, and the creators seemed to have forgotten that. There’s no problem with making a live action show more mature than Teen Titans Go! but it feels almost forced. Would Dick Grayson really break a guy’s neck by stomping on it before saying “F*ck Batman”? Yes, he might be trying to become his own hero outside of Batman’s shadow, but it’s doubtful he’d ignore some of those heroic ideals instilled in him.

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Based on the Titans trailer, the central story will revolve around Raven. She’s getting prophetic nightmares that lead her to Dick’s interrogation room. Viewers don’t get a chance to see Trigon in action, but it seems inevitable he’s lurking beneath the surface. It seems doubtful he’ll win dad-of-the-year while he’s tormenting his daughter.

Most likely, the scenes are only taken from the first episode since it’s unclear how much of production is finished. Perhaps Titans amped up the edginess for the trailer just to make a statement. I’ll withhold my final judgment until the show airs, but for now, this was a disappointing offering from a new streaming service.