The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus pay tribute to Andrew Lincoln


The Walking Dead stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus pay tribute to their fellow castmate Andrew Lincoln–we’re not crying, you’re crying.

The Walking Dead will not be the same without its leader, Rick Grimes, and after yesterday’s SDCC panel, the man himself, Andrew Lincoln confirmed the next season will be his last. Fans will miss him tremendously but even more so the cast he has spent years with including Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

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He truly is the leader of The Walking Dead and we honestly cannot fathom what the series will be like without him, but at least we have the Whisperers to look forward to, right? During the interview with Variety, Morgan reflected back to when he first joined the show and how Lincoln was the first person to greet him.

"“He is the leader of this show, and everyone kind of follows his lead, and he also — he leads with his heart. That’s a very rare quality.”"

Aw shucks, the bromance is real there. He also spoke to how the cast is truly like a family and while he’s lied about that being the case on other shows, he truly means it here, and he credits Lincoln and Reedus for it.

And if we thought Morgan shared a bromance with Lincoln, Reedus and Lincoln are next-level, and it’s adorable. See what he had to say about Lincoln leaving the show:

"“I mean, he’s been my BFF for a decade in the woods of Georgia. He’s been my trailer [roommate] — I’ve shared a trailer with him for nine years right now, so you know, he’s the first call I get when I wake up he calls me, we talk about the day as we’re driving to work, we get to work, we talk about the day, at lunch he’s in my trailer, and then we wrap and he calls me on the way home. It’s been like that every day, I’m gonna really miss that guy,”"

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Lincoln confirmed during the SDCC panel that season nine will be his last, and the reason for leaving is so he can spend time with his family back home in England. When asked if Daryl will now take the place of the leader in Rick’s absence, Reedus replied, “You can’t take Rick’s place.” Damn right, you can’t!

The Walking Dead will premiere season nine on AMC on Sunday, October 7th! Don’t miss it!