Pose season 1, episode 8 finale recap: ‘Mother of the Year’


Pose gives us an emotional, uplifting season one finale and gives us the mother of all happy endings.

Pose has had a wonderful premiere season and not only shattered records, but shed light on a time and place within a world many of us knew nothing about. It gave us joy, heartbreak, redemption, revenge, and basically every emotion in the book–and we fell in love with everything it had to offer.

In the season finale, a lot of story unfolded and rounded out the journey of many of its central characters as they look ahead to their tomorrows. The episode began with showing Elektra struggling to get by day in and day out as she succumbs to working at the Peep World and living on park benches. Blanca finally confronts her and persuades Elektra to take her help and come live at the House of Evangelista for a while.

And while Elektra tries to resist the downgrade in lifestyle, Blanca pushes her to accept what she’s offering and to apply for a job as a hostess at an uptown restaurant–and guess what, she gets it! Watching Elektra come into her own and embrace the amazing person Blanca is such a refreshing change in the season finale, and we’re so happy they went that direction with the story.

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Elektra has another unexpected moment when Damon and Ricky share that they have been chosen to be a part of Al B. Sure’s dance troop and they will be going on tour. She totally fangirls out and tries to make Blanca see how exciting this opportunity is. And this puts Blanca in a tough spot considering she has learned that Damon just got approved for another year of dance school with a full ride, but she supports his decision nonetheless. By the end of the finale, Damon shares that he is going to continue going to school while Ricky goes on tour.

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Blanca also helps Pray Tell out this episode when she sets up him up with a bartender from the ball. Pray Tell has had a difficult season with the death of Costas and being diagnosed positive so this romantic angle really gave an optimistic feel to his story–especially because the bartender is okay with the fact that Pray Tell is positive. Love wins!

Angel came into her own in the finale as well when she rejects Stan’s offer to build a life together. She realizes their love is a facade and it won’t ever work. Good for you girl! She put her family first and for the first time did it on her own terms.

Credit: FX

This takes us to the main event of the finale which is honoring someone with the “Mother of the Year” award. But things get tense when the House of Ferocity (aka Candy and Lulu) try to take down Blanca with their harsh words and rude comments. But with Elektra around, ain’t no one getting away with that. She shuts it down real quick and manages to get the House of Evangelista additional members–including the return of Papi.

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The House of Evangelista snags all the awards for the night and most importantly, Blanca wins “Mother of the Year” because she so deserves it and there isn’t anyone quite like her in this world. The house ends the night with a celebratory family dinner where they all bask in the bright future ahead and what it holds.

Pose has done a wonderful job balancing the lives of the LGBT community and bringing awareness to the difficulties they face as a community, but it still showed us the happy moments and the moments where things feel like they’re going to be okay. Between tragedy and a happily ever after, Pose found a happy place and made us all fall in love with its story, characters, and message. Until next season, Pose!