Cloak & Dagger season 1, episode 7 and 8 recap: ‘Lotus Eaters’ and ‘Ghost Stories’

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If Cloak & Dagger was planning on giving the heroes a happy ending, then it would’ve ended “Ghost Stories” about ten minutes earlier.

The ending of “Ghost Stories” was actually pretty shocking but Cloak & Dagger has done a good job setting up a few surprises. But the main lesson from this episode is that if the kids plan on waging a war against some powerful people in New Orleans then they better be ready to accept the casualties.

O’Reilly is having pancakes at her boyfriend’s house, where he commits to her cause of taking down Conners. His dedication comes at a good time because it’s the anniversary of Billy’s death. Tyrone’s family is understandably quiet during this day, with the family unsure of how to act on a day which causes them so much pain. They try to act like nothing is wrong, but it’s clear Ty wishes they could do something to commemorate Billy.

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Luckily, Tandy comes over to disrupt the tension at Tyrone’s house. Her real motive is to steal his mother’s Roxxon’s badge but invites Ty over for her Dad’s anniversary tradition. He actually seems a bit happy that Tandy even now.

Meanwhile, Tyrone finishes Billy’s cloak and finally gets his first costume. He speaks with O’Reilly, who realizes Conners is on edge because of Billy’s death, and the two begin coming up with a plan. They include O’Reilly’s boyfriend, and Tyrone shows them exactly what he can do. He lures Conners down to the docks, where he pretends to be Billy’s spirit haunting the man.

There, he finally gets Conners to admit that he did shoot Billy that night. It’s been clear since the beginning of Cloak & Dagger that he’s a bad guy but it’s interesting to see that he truly didn’t mean to kill Billy. Not that it makes it right, but adds an extra wrinkle to the story-telling.

Meanwhile, Tandy gets her vengeance as well when she finally gets the evidence she needs from Roxxon to clear her father. Ivan Hess directs her to a safety deposit box where her father stashed evidence and she manages to kidnap Peter Scarborough. He makes a desperate attempt to save the company by but she declines in favor of finally being able to let her father be vindicated.

This is probably where the story would end if the show was interested in giving them a happy ending. Unfortunately, everything goes downhill from there. Tandy and Tyrone head to the beach for the anniversary tradition, but when they touch Tandy’s mom they enter her memories. It’s the movie night she spoke about on one of their dates where she’s rewatching a scene with her and her husband. However, when the two teens cut open the movie, they see a much darker picture, one where Nathan Bowen is an abusive husband.

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It makes one wonder whether he was also an abusive father and Tandy is mentally blocking those memories from surfacing. The scene where he’s forcing her to practice ballet with the television on had a weird undertone to it especially because it clearly wasn’t helping Tandy. She’s naturally horrified by the revelation and ends up taking Scarborough’s bribe.

Meanwhile, Tyrone returns home and so does Conners. He’s definitely out of jail and the first thing he does is have O’Reilly’s boyfriend murdered and stuffed in the fridge. Basically, a gender-bent version of fridging. Nevertheless, every character is out for blood now and no one is safe on Cloak & Dagger.