Dietland season 1, episode 10 finale recap: ‘Bedwomb’


Plum fights her way to the finish as Jennifer lives to see another day in the Dietland season one finale!

Dietland has been an interesting ride in its first season. It covered topics that are relevant in today’s society but in a way that slight encroaches on the worst-case scenario. Plum, Dietland’s leading lady, represented a character that embodied society’s idea of what is “not ideal”, yet by the end of the season one finale, she took those societal expectations and kicked them the hell out of the way–and we love her for that.

The season one finale of Dietland wasn’t exactly the kind of hype we were hoping for, and while it sort of ended on that note, it felt a bit anti-climactic, at least for the hype of Jennifer that the entire season was spent building towards. When the episode began, we expected that Plum might be living out her final moments, but in fact, she actually passed the test Jennifer was giving her and was unanimously welcomed into the group with open arms.

The group began to brainstorm who their next target/victim would be, and it seemed like Congressman Wells was their guy. It seems like Plum is meant to organize the policies and rulebook for Jennifer to abide by, which is sort of crazy considering she only sort of blogs. Not everyone in the group is a fan of Plum’s, namely a woman named Sofia who doesn’t believe Plum has what it takes to keep up with them, and by them, she is referring to her fellow military vets and rape survivors.

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We also learn that Belle is the one that began the concept of Jennifer after her 13-year-old daughter was raped by three boys, and then committed suicide as a result. She wanted those boys to suffer for what they did and realized that there are probably many others out there just like them, hence Jennifer.

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Meanwhile, in Kitty’s world, she is back at the head of Austen Media running the ship and firing news anchors. There is an odd scene thrown in there where she makes Dominic kiss her foot…power control issues, we suppose? Also, Leeta is still with Julia and Eladio, but she is severely traumatized and hasn’t really been coherent since she got there.

Plum gets an opportunity to open up to the group, and is then welcomed into their enormous sleep pile where she finds a spot to snuggle amongst her new friends. It’s all really cute actually, at least momentarily anyway. And then comes the ugh moment of the finale, Verena ratting out Jennifer, and doing it with no remorse.

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Seriously, she is officially the worst. No thanks to her, Belle is outed as the face of Jennifer, and cops swarm the city cornering anyone and everyone associated with Jennifer. This includes Julia, who gets arrested while trying to figure out an escape route for Eladio to take Leeta out from. And when push came to shove, Eladio left Leeta behind and made a run for it. You had one job, Eladio, one job.

Belle, Sofia, and Plum find a place to hide out as the cops surround them. And before Belle can go out and surrender, Sofia goes out instead and sacrifices her life in the name of Jennifer, while Plum and Bella find a way out and get to the meeting point. By the time they reach there, Plum has decided to give up–and doesn’t want to do this anymore. Understanding her at that moment, Belle told Plum to tell their story and left her behind as they drove off.

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But something clicked for Plum at that moment, and everything changed. It’s like she finally understood her purpose for everything she had been through, and she saw the value she brought to Jennifer’s fight. With that, she went running after the car and got into it. Where are they headed to? And what will become of them if they continue to steer clear of the authorities?

Well, we have to hang tight for now since Dietland has not yet been renewed, but here’s to hoping for some good news soon!

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