Dietland season 1, episode 9 recap: ‘Woman Down’


The Dietland season one penultimate episode may spell trouble for Plum’s future as she finds herself in too deep with Jennifer.

Dietland has been an interesting ride for its central character, Plum, who has been through a whirlwind journey when it comes to her weight, self-identity, and now PTSD from a sexual assault. She is constantly trying to figure out what and who she is, and this week’s episode makes things even more complicated.

While Plum is trying to figure out what to do with her life, Kitty worked with Dominic to take down Stanley, so she could get back her position at Austen Media. It looks like Stanley has had a history of issues with women in the workplace including slapping a female HR director. Yikes. After handing her this information, Dominic tells Kitty he is out, and done working for her. If she tries to make him stay, he’ll report her.

Kitty’s character has been an interesting one lurking in the background, and while at times we question her purpose, she is a fun part of the storyline. Kitty takes the arsenal she has against Stanley and wrangles herself a position as the CEO of Austen Media!

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Plum experiences a series of flashbacks to the moment of her rape, and while the episode moves forward, we keep going back to the moments that followed after. She calls her mother, and while sobbing on the phone she doesn’t confide in her about what has happened. And while her mother blames Verena for Plum’s downfall, Plum defends her and says that she canceled her surgery, and still got the money.

Plum has visions of Leeta throughout the episode who is asking her why she hasn’t gone looking for her. All the while, Sana keeps calling Plum after the heated argument she had with everyone at Calliope House. Things are just a hot mess for our dear Plum, aren’t they?

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Eventually, she does meet with Sana and tells Sana she accepts defeat when it comes to men, and maybe the only ones that will want to be with her are the ones that objectify her. This is an extremely gut-wrenching moment because Plum seems to really have given up. She doesn’t value herself as a result of her circumstances, and it’s a tough moment to swallow.

Plum finds herself in the world of Jennifer when she cracks an IP code out of Leeta’s journal and finds a way to contact Jennifer, who then abduct her in the middle of a walk in the park. In order to confuse her, they put drops into her eyes that render everything blurry. It’s quite the exciting yet frightening moment for Plum who has no idea what lies ahead.

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Plum is taken to Jennifer’s headquarters which is filled with everything you’d need to be a part of a revolution. In a fast-paced turn of events, Plum takes on their mission while giving them the advice that killing people hasn’t worked in their favor.

Her first mission? To kill a serviceman who raped four women in Afghanistan and pays an 11-year-old money for sex. Horrible. With the gun in her hand and aimed at the guy, Plum hesitates and fails to take the shot.

But now that she has seen too much, what will Jennifer decide to do with her? Looks like it’s up for a vote.

Dietland airs its season one finale next Sunday on AMC at 9 PM EST!