Y: The Last Man adaptation adds Timothy Hutton to cast


In some puzzling casting news, Y — the FX adaptation of the comic book Y: The Last Man — has cast Timothy Hutton for the premiere.

Now, what makes this puzzling is that Y: The Last Man is about the last two males alive on Earth — Yorrick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand. Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk) will play Yorrick.

So, who is Timothy Hutton (Leverage)? According to Deadline, he will play the President of the United States.

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Since the entire male population dies and it is Yorick’s mom (played by Diane Lane) who takes over leadership of the country (at least in the political sense), that means that Acadamy Award-winning actor Timothy Hutton is signing on for one episode (unless there are flashbacks later).

That seems to be a pretty big signing for such a small temporary role.

It also might show that FX has some high hopes for Y. On top of Keoghan, Hutton and Lane, Imogen Poots and Lashana Lynch have also signed onboard the movie.

It also makes sense that Hutton is signing on for such a small role in the Y: The Last Man adaptation. Hutton has also signed on as a new series regular in the ABC hit series How to Get Away with Murder. He most recently received an Emmy nomination for his role in American Crime (also on ABC).

As for the Y: The Last Man adaptation, the story follows a world where all males (of every species) die, save two, and the world then breaks down into groups of women sharing differing beliefs.

Yorick’s mother, a former Congresswoman, tasks Agent 355 (Lashana Lynch) to find and protect her son. There are scientists who want to study Yorick to figure out why he lived so they can possibly kickstart humanity and avoid extinction.

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There are other women who want to kill Yorrick while others want to clone him. The comic book series lasted 60 issues and told the complete story from start to finish. One hopes FX allows the Y: The Last Man adaptation to do the same.