FX orders Y: The Last Man pilot for next season


The animated Deadpool series might be dead at FX but the network has already moved onto a new comic book show – Y: The Last Man.

After almost three years of development, Variety reports that FX is moving forward with a pilot for Y: The Last Man. A wildly popular graphic novel series, this show already seems like it’s destined to be a success.

While there’s no word on casting yet, fans are bound to be excited just about the pilot order. Y: The Last Man will join the other post-apocalyptic shows on the air. However, this story isn’t a Walking Dead spin-off — but one guy’s nightmare.

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Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand are the only two members of the male gender to survive an event that wipes out everyone with the Y chromosome. This probably sounds like a dream come true for some guys, but unfortunately, things quickly become complicated and dangerous.

The story comes from the mind of comic book visionary, Brian K. Vaughan.  He’s been having a great year in the entertainment industry as the co-producer for Hulu’s Runaways. The Marvel series was adapted from his original comic book run that introduced the group of super teens.

Vaughan is also writing a movie centered around the iconic Marvel character, Silver Surfer, for FOX before the merger goes through.

The only other time Vaughan has written for a film was his failed attempt to bring Y: The Last Man to the big screen. DJ Caruso, the director back in 2007 when the project first started, said that there was too much material to fit into one movie.

Honestly, almost every comic book would do better in the television format where writers can fully explore the world. This graphic novel has 60 issues and five books, which already sounds too long for a film.

Surprisingly, Logan writer Michael Green has signed onto pen the pilot instead of Vaughan. He will also be one of the showrunners with Luke Cage producer Aida Mashaka Croal.

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Considering how high-profile this project is, FX will hopefully try to get a pilot commissioned quickly. With the large cult following for Y: The Last Man it would be shocking if the network doesn’t officially order it to series by the upfronts.