Big Little Lies: Reese Witherspoon is filmed throwing ice cream at Meryl Streep


Fans will be happy to know the cast (old and new) are busy filming the second season of Big Little Lies–but it looks like things are going to get a bit messy.

Big Little Lies is currently in production for season two–and we cannot wait! We have no idea where the story will go from here, but after the success of season one, there is nothing to worry about!

Reese Witherspoon and Meryl Streep were seen filming in Los Angeles, and the scene that was unfolding was quite the one to watch.

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Witherspoon, who plays the catty Madeline is walking behind Streep, who will play Mary Wright, with an angry look and an ice cream cone in her hand.

Uh oh, we can only imagine what is about to happen.

And it did–an ice cream cone was thrown at the Oscar award-winning actress Meryl Streep. We guess in the name of acting, anything goes right?

Kathryn Newton, who plays Madeline’s eldest daughter, was seen horrified acting in the scene after seeing her on-screen mother hurl an ice cream cone at someone’s back.

This has us curious as to why Madeline has so much rage towards Mary (besides the fact that her son was frikkin’ evil).

Mary is the mother of the late Perry and will be seen in season two swooping into town after her son has passed away. The end of season one brought Perry’s death after Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz) pushed him down the stairs.

Unbeknownst to her just how horrible he was, he often physically abused Celeste (Nicole Kidman), and in years past raped Jane (Shailene Woodley).

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Worry not though fans, because Streep, Witherspoon, and the rest of the cast get along wonderfully and with Witherspoon and Kidman running the show as executive producers, nothing could wrong!

Be sure to check back with us for more updates on season 2 of Big Little Lies