Star Trek: Discovery announces prequel novel featuring Sylvia Tilly


Star Trek: Discovery’s newest prequel novel is set to feature Sylvia Tilly as the lead character.

Cadet Sylvia Tilly, as played by Mary Wiseman in the series, is set to star in her own prequel novel called Star Trek: Discovery: The Way to the Stars written by Una McCormack.

The novel will explore Tilly’s coming of age — raised by Federation heavyweights with high expectations for their daughter’s future. Under incredible strain to excel, Tilly struggles to find her direction and her purpose.

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The book tells the story of how Tilly found that purpose and how she cultivated the strength and courage that would eventually get her through the events shown on Star Trek: Discovery.

Last season on Star Trek: Discovery Tilly memorably grew from an awkward, timid character into one of the most courageous characters in the series. It was amazing to see Tilly convincingly impersonate her cruel Mirrorverse counterpart, drawing from within herself a confidence and assertiveness that few knew existed there.

Tilly understandably became a fan favorite for viewers of the show. She was so painfully real, presenting an awkwardness and uncertainty that many of us can easily relate to, but with ambitions for greater things and the determination to achieve them.

As the season progressed, she grew in confidence and ability without sacrificing her genuine originality.  Despite her quirkiness, Tilly never pretended to be anything but who she was, which is one of the bravest things about her.

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Star Trek: Discovery season 1 ended with Tilly being promoted to Ensign in the Starfleet command program, successfully on track to become Captain of her own ship someday.

What season 2 will bring for Ensign Tilly is anyone’s guess, but we’ll at least be able to learn more about her past when Star Trek: Discovery: The Way to the Stars is released in January 2019.