The Sinner season 2 premiere recap: ‘Part I’


The Sinner returns for season 2 with a double homicide, some tea, and another dose of whydunnit.

The Sinner is BACK! And boy, is this season going to be an interesting one. Once again, the series is focusing on the whydunnit of the crime this season is going to focus on, and according to Jessica Biel (who is the executive producer this season), that is always what the show will be known for.

We have to say that there is an addicting allure to figuring out why the crime happened, rather than who did it.

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While Biel may or may not be in this season (it doesn’t seem like it for now), Detective Ambrose (Bill Pullman), and this season’s crime hits close to home for him — literally.

In his hometown of Kerry, an odd double homicide takes place. The primary suspect? The 13-year old child of the deceased couple.

All eyes are on the kid as Detective Ambrose is requested to come in and help solve the case. Of course, his reputation precedes him and he is obviously going to crack this one too.

And it seems like he has already started putting some pieces together regarding the kid, Julian (Elisha Henig). While we don’t know everything just yet obviously, we do know that the kid grabbed his parents tea, and then brought it to the room as they were finishing a heated sex session.

THE SINNER — “Part I” Episode 201 — Pictured: (l-r) Bill Pullman as Detective Lt. Harry Ambrose, Tracy Letts as Jack — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

Before we know, the parents start to choke and have some sort of reaction and shortly die thereafter. The father falls in the shower and hits his head, while the mother pukes, chokes on her vomit, and then has a series of seizures until she dies.

The weirdest part? Julian is watching in horror but isn’t doing anything either, except clean up the mess after.

Being back in his hometown, Ambrose is clearly perturbed by old memories which will probably be revealed to us later in the season. Along with his flashbacks, we see Julian having them too as he sits in the foster home he was taken to.

In the flashbacks, it looks like he is having some sort of therapy session with none other than the fabulous Carrie Coon. We’re not sure who she is just yet, but she sure seems intriguing.

Ambrose and the new detective of Kerry, Heather (Natalie Paul) head back to the crime scene and learn from the hotel owner that Julian was in the breakfast bar making tea but was holding a bunch of napkins with him.

Ambrose finds an exit towards that back that leads him to the outside, and near the jimsonweed plant. What’s so special about this plant? Well, if ingested you’ll die, and if you touch it you’ll get a rash–one that matches the one on Julian’s arms.

And if that didn’t creep you out, then the last moments of the episode surely did. After locating Julian’s parents’ car, Ambrose and Heather discovered that there are absolutely no children’s clothing or items in their luggage, which is odd when a family is going on vacation. So, what gives?

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Uh, well, in the final moments see Coon’s character enter the precinct inquiring about Julian’s case. Why? Because she’s his mother. Say what?! The Sinner has us hooked already.

 The Sinner airs every Wednesday on USA at 10 PM EST!