Walking Dead spoilers: Huge bad guys from comics coming in second half of season 9


The Walking Dead just finished off its All Out War storyline with Negan and many fans seemed underwhelmed.

The producers of the hit AMC series have to hope that the fans are ready to come back on board as they prepare for the next big villains — which Walking Dead spoilers indicate is straight from the comic books as well.

According to the Spoiler Dead Fans on Facebook, the Whisperers are coming and they are coming a lot quicker than many expected. The group stated that the Whisperers reportedly filmed scenes for episode 8 herding Walkers.

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This appears to happen after the second time jump of The Walking Dead season 9. As previously reported, the first time jump should be when the new season starts.

Then, both Rick and Maggie will be written out of the show and it looks like a second jump will take place after that. One of the main reasons for this thought is that photos show an aged Henry replacing the younger one.

However, take a look at this Comic-Con trailer that showed a lot of footage shot already from The Walking Dead season 9.

That bit at the very end looks like a bunch of Walkers, but there are some rumors that in those Walkers are the Whisperers. There is also a shot of a girl looking in a window that might be Alpha’s daughter.

Add in the fact that Samantha Morton has signed on to play Alpha, and they are coming and now it looks like they might be playing a big part as soon as episode 8 — if not sooner.

As a reminder — the Whisperers are a group of survivors who live among the Walkers and do so by wearing the skin of the dead — including cutting off the faces of the dead and putting it over their own.

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Alpha is the leader and, in the comics, they sought revenge when our heroes killed some of their people thinking they were regular Walkers.

The Walking Dead season 9 officially returns on Oct. 7 to AMC.