Colony season 3, episode 13 finale recap: ‘What Goes Around’


The season 3 finale of Colony begins with an attack by another alien force, the Demis, enemies of the IGA’s hosts. Which means that Kynes’ plan to survive and rebuild after becomes that more critical.

Snyder’s colleague Helena Goldwyn informs the IGA in Switzerland about the Demis arrival, and the attack. But she also adds that she has confidence that the shields above them should hold and the loss of a few colonies is to be expected. Unfortunately, this turns out to be nothing more than wishful thinking, as a Demi promptly makes swift work of Helena’s colleagues before taking out Helena herself on Colony.

Meanwhile back in Seattle Will is still walking around when he is picked up by Greyhats and is taken to Snyder. He’s not exactly in his element, as he knows the IGA superiors in Switzerland are dead and he has no idea if he should call the hosts as per his instructions. Not surprisingly, he resorts to his own agenda, confirming that the Factory has been destroyed and the hosts have commanded that 150 outliers be at Blake Island or won’t defend Seattle. As per typical Snyder, he tries to get under his skin, telling Will it’s a chance to save the city and his family.

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Snyder then lets Will go, but before returning to the outliers, he finds the tracker in his boot. When Will returns, he sees Amy has manages to patch Kynes up and passes along what Snyder said. They quite understandably have no idea if Snyder is telling the truth. Broussard suggests they attack Bonzo again in the hope of getting weapons and Intel, because the IGA won’t expect that. After an initial disagreement, O’Neill consents to Broussard taking charge.

Katie finally locates her son at his Community Patrol headquarters, but when she does, Bram lets loose with the resentment and anger that he’s been keeping quiet. He won’t tell her where his sister is because he wants to protect her from their parents’ bad choices. Bram even threatens to turn her in unless she leaves. When she tries to argue they wanted to keep him out of it, he wastes no time in telling her how Will asked him to help kill Snyder. After she leaves Sal Barnes gives him the old line about shutting up and following orders and the Community Patrol swears a new oath to Snyder.

This advice is promptly put to the test during Broussard’s attack on Bonzo and the Community Patrol is ordered to respond and Barnes makes an excuse to stay behind. The Community Patrol immediately takes hits and Bram sees his friends get slaughtered. Will reaches Buenos Aires on the radio and with the word that they are under attack and that the ones they were warned about have come.

Katie finds Amy at the second outlier hideout while waiting for Will. When he returns, she promptly confronts him with involving Bram in the plot to kill Snyder. He tosses back a retort about her behavior in LA and the two bicker. Eventually, she says finding her family and getting them somewhere safe is the only thing that matters.

When Buenos Aires confirms Snyder was telling the truth, Will begins looking for 150 volunteer outliers. He is the first one to do so, but more steadily join him. Snyder meanwhile wastes no time in throwing his weight around and after executing a man, he seems back in his element. Later, the IGA host’s drone shows up and he gets confirmation that 150 outliers have indeed shown up. Hoping it’s enough, Snyder closes the gate despite their still being people on the other side.

Kynes shows up and gives Amy the location of another bunker of his. The outlier group finds it and it’s everything the could hope for; fortified and supplied. While they’re heading inside a large group of people walk up; they’re more outliers ready to fight.

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Getting an idea to find her kids, Katie bumps into her boss Michelle at the intake center who has stayed behind to help refugees to ill to evacuate. Since she has no reason to fear anything anymore, Michelle uses facial recognition software to find the address of the Barnes house.

Which is where Bram is when they see a fireball going across the sky. At his office, Snyder sees the same and watches as it crashes into an invisible dome that goes around Seattle. It fades away and a second fireball hits the dome and the outliers inside are protected. But a third one hits just outside the wall and the impact it creates is massive. Kate faces it, while her husband is put inside a pod, heading for some unknown destination.

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