Colony season 3, episode 11 recap: ‘Disposable Heroes’


On the latest episode of Colony, things finally boil over in Seattle.

Somewhere in a forest, outliers are being put in pods along with gear. Later, two outliers become aware of the fact that they are being hunted by something they cannot see. Their hunter makes quick work of them and it looks like whatever was hunting them resembles an alien Will saw in a crashed ship on Colony.

This comes right around the time the Bowmans and Broussard meet up with the outliers in Seattle. They reveal to them their interrogation of Snyder, a high-level IGA figure. Kynes’ man Harris who is playing double agent takes the news to Kynes. Kynes could not be happier by the development, particularly the fact Snyder is hiding it from his superiors. Kynes sends Harris to get further information out of Snyder, but Snyder’s man Garland strangles Harris.

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Later, a bomb detonates in a truck, with Harris’ body found inside it. Snyder predictably wastes no time in using the situation to his advantage, informing Kynes that he is alerting his superiors in the IGA. Kynes then finds Snyder’s colleague Helena Goldwyn (Ally Walker) waiting for him. She says she isn’t concerned with Snyder being taken by the resistance, but that outliers were lost in the blast. Later she talks with Snyder and it comes out that the explosion was a set up designed to force Kynes to act.

Katie Bowman and Amy meet for the first time but are interrupted by news of the explosion. The outliers who arrive think that the people they just met might be behind Harris’ death. But the Bowmans and Broussard talk with them and point to Snyder as the logical culprit, as well as playing the interrogation of Snyder, which was taped.

But Kynes isn’t surprised that Harris was dead before the blast. Kynes is also able to confirm Helena was already on her way when the blast happened, which means she knew it was coming. Additionally, he reasons that she would never do this without the IGA’s approval. In response, Kynes sends out a message that something called Project Phoenix has gone live. He also shut’s down his server room.

But he also has some choice words for both Snyder and Helena. Kynes taunts them with their histories and asks why the IGA would even consider giving them any sort of power. His answer; because the IGA saw weakness in both of them and they know they would bring other people down.

Meanwhile, on Colony, the Bowman kids seem like they have been left on their own. Bram comes home and sees Grace alone, which makes him angry. He also suspects that she reminds them of Charlie, which makes them not want to be around her anymore.

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The outlier O’Neill returns after making a phone call. He reveals that there is a pre-determined meeting point and once there, many outliers are waiting for them. It turns out that for over a year, Kynes has been preparing Seattle as a sort of rallying point for after the alien war; with the best of humanity to be in Seattle. Broussard tells Amy and Will that he’s going to join them, even though he’s not sure he can trust them. Snyder and Helena discover Kynes handiwork and Helena informs Snyder that this is all his problem now; because the IGA picked him to be in charge of Seattle.