Trial & Error season 2, episode 5 and 6 recap: ‘A Change In The Team’ and ‘New Case, Old Murder’


Trial & Error reveals whether Lavinia Peck-Foster murdered her husband midway through the season.

Unlike last year when the entirety of the first season was spent trying to figure out if Larry Henderson murdered his wife, Trial & Error gets straight to the point this time around. “A Change In The Team” has the defense on its toes trying to prove her innocence before landing on a cliffhanger.  However, the show fully embraces its inspiration from The Jinx with “New Case, Old Murder” by revealing her actual guilt.

1. There’s a rum hole leading from Lavinia’s pool house straight to where Edgar drowned

Turns out, Josh’s fifteen-minute timeline has gone up in flames with the realization there’s a rum hole built into the pool house. The Pecks were notorious rum runners which is how they smuggled stuff out of the estate. Of course, both Lavinia and Dwayne spent more time trying to get the court to call it a “hooch tube” which allowed Josh some time to prove his client couldn’t have murdered her husband.

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2. Dwayne gets fired and Josh gets his own slapping gloves

After his right-hand man takes the stand to affirm Lavinia definitely murdered her husband, Josh is put in a precarious situation. Ultimately, he chooses to go with his client’s wishes and fire a heartbroken Dwayne. At least he gets his own set of peacock skin slapping gloves to…slap himself with? Yes, Lavinia makes him practice on himself for her own entertainment.

3. M-Town is more influential than originally believed

Nina’s true crime podcast, M-Town, is actually having more of an effect on the town than Josh initially thought. It’s led to fake witnesses stepping forward to try and grab fifteen seconds of fame. In the rest of the season, it could be interesting to see if Nina is able to sway public opinion with M-Town.

4. Edgar’s apprentice commits suicide?

In a last minute win (sort-of?) Josh finds Amanda’s dead body along with a suicide note. He’s able to rework a narrative where Amanda is angry at Edgar’s reaction to her apparent pregnancy, which ended up just being the flu, and murdered him. With the note confessing to the crime, it seems like Josh has gotten another happy ending for Trial & Error.

5. The “R” which destroyed Josh’s world

As a thank-you, Lavinia gives Josh a letter at the celebration party to say how grateful she is. While he’s initially touched, he realizes that the “R’s” from this letter and the suicide note match. Not only did Lavinia murder Edgar, but it also seemed like she killed Amanda too! What about the rest of her family? Did she get rid of them too? The letter is certainly a mood killer for Josh who was finally about to move on from Carol Anne with Nina.

TRIAL & ERROR: LADY, KILLER — “New Case, Old Murder” Episode 206 — Pictured: (l-r) Jayma Mays as Carol Anne Keane, Nicholas D’Agosto as Josh Segal, Sherri Shepherd as Anne Flatch, Steven Boyer as Dwayne Reed — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros/NBC)

6. Josh and Carol Anne sort-of join forces

Poor Josh is suffering from severe stomach issues which sends him straight back to his nemesis for help. While she refuses to prosecute Lavinia despite the evidence with the letters, she does agree to reopen Jesse Ray Beaumont’s case. Of course, she only agrees so she can send Jesse Ray to death row. Now Josh has a new client, and an opportunity to prove Lavinia has murdered on more than one occasion.

7. Trial & Error goes full Robert Durst

Nina comes storming into Josh’s office after growing suspicious of all his questions related to Lavinia. She relistened to the tapes of their interview and realizes Lavinia confessed to murder when she went to the bathroom. It’s hilarious to hear Kristin Chenoweth gleefully talking about getting away with “another murder” and it’s shame we don’t get to see it.

8. Lavinia is the perfect murderer

Yes, turns out the naivete criminal from this season of Trial & Error is actually a total monster. She’s extremely cunning and extraordinarily confident that she can get away with anything. In fact, she brags to Josh exactly how she killed Edgar before shooting Dwayne with a bow and arrow. Looks like the team is going to face off against a real life super villain to win this case.

9. Was Jesse Ray framed?

It definitely looks that way, after the team realizes all of the evidence has been contaminated. Dr. Hinkle admits to destroying crime scenes with his abnormal stress-relieving behaviors during his work. Not to mention, Josh realizes that the bed sheets from that case are missing and that Jesse Ray might have honestly been framed.

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10. Baby Board and Nina Board are found

Yes, Carol Anne and Nina both find the somewhat creepy boards about themselves in the office. Nina is naturally weirded out by the “stalker-like” situation that Dwayne and Ann have assembled to discover is she hooked up with Josh. Unfortunately, they’re not around when she finds it and Josh is extremely embarrassed. Carol Anne also finds the baby board at the same time, but at least her’s is a bit more explainable. Nevertheless, not a great day for Josh.