Trial & Error: Lady Killer season 2, episode 1 and 2 premiere recap: ‘The Suitcase’ and ‘The Timeline’


Trial & Error finally returns to NBC with a stellar premiere.

Easily one of the most underrated series from last year, Trial & Error has taken Parks & Rec‘s position as the beloved underdog for the network. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the second season from trying their best to hook new viewers. Adding Kristin Chenoweth to the role John Lithgow played last year, the show is even more impressive the second time around.

The series is spoofing HBO’s critically acclaimed docu-series, The Jinx, this year but Chenoweth’s Lavinia Peck-Foster is much more likable than Robert Durst. She speaks with a slight accent and gleefully loves being the center of attention. It’s hard not to fall in love with her from the moment she mispronounces “Lorna Doone”.

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Josh is back in East Peck and has officially moved into town. He’s become a bit of a local celebrity as the lawyer who “got off that murderer” but everyone still views him as an outsider. Nonetheless, he’s no longer the rookie defense lawyer but an over-confident hotshot. It’s fun to see him let loose with the rest of the team. Whether it’s his joy about defending a client who the judge pays her bail or his excitement about possibly getting a statue, he’s still a fun protagonist to follow.

Dwayne and Anne are also thriving in their respective careers. Ann still has to deal with her myriad of disorders, with “The Jumping Frenchman of Maine” being introduced in “The Suitcase”. Meanwhile, Dwayne is still hilariously incompetent at his job with the East Peck PD. Trial & Error incorporates quite a few scenes where he’s casually flinging his gun around and even shooting a vending machine to get free snacks.

Carol-Anne Kean is having a much more difficult time now that she’s pregnant and in an intense race for District Attorney. She’s been handed this Lavinia Peck-Foster Case as a way to hurt her chances at getting elected. Yet, Josh is more worried about whether he’s the father to Carol-Anne’s unborn daughter since there’s a one in six chance it’s him.

Trial & Error also introduces a new hurdle for the team with a true crime podcast called M-Town. The host, Nina, is a stylish New Yorker who immediately takes a liking to Josh. It’s exciting to see him play the middle ground between the “North Easterners” and the Peckers. Nevertheless, she’s bound to make things interesting this season.

“The Timeline” establishes that Carol-Anne plans to use her pregnancy as a way to skirt around certain legalities. Who can blame her? She’s going up against a woman who buys scarves for the entire court and is the most beloved figure within the town. However, the episode does confirm that the timelines don’t line up and Edgar was hit with a clock before he drowned.

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There are a lot of subtle moments throughout the premiere of Trial & Error that will make viewers laugh. Probably everytime Kristin Chenoweth is onscreen there’s a joke to be enjoyed. However, one of the best details is the fact that Lavinia’s whole family seems to have died gruesome deaths. How is Carol Anne Kean the only one to suspect her?

Did you like the premiere of Trial & Error? Be sure to tell us in the comments below and whether or not you think Lavinia is innocent!