Colony season 3 finale to be final episode


After three seasons, Colony has been canceled.

While the show had strong ratings for season one and did fairly well for season two, season three saw a further drop in ratings. Eventually, Colony acquired the lowest average ratings across all USA Network dramas.

This isn’t surprising for several reasons.

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For starters, the episodes were hard to keep up with schedule-wise.

There was an incredibly limited viewing window for each new episode, which — even in the era of recording television shows — made it rather difficult for audiences to keep up.

But as the season went on, the story also got more convoluted and confusing. A sci-fi or fantasy based story has to have a compelling human element.

The special effects and imagination of a story are wonderful, but what makes viewers want to tune in for every episode is based on how much they enjoy the characters.

That is how Game of Thrones became one of the top shows of the last few years. All of the elaborate world-building and fantasy serves to enhance the characters.

Season three’s early episodes had an entirely different tone than the subsequent ones. As a result, the show got progressively more complicated as it went on and I found the show harder to follow or enjoy.

Now, a show should be complex and layered, but it also needs to be relatable. It’s no coincidence that the most interesting character on the show by far was the backstabbing Snyder.

This made the show generally more interesting when the story focused on backstabbing and paranoia between the Bowmans and the Resistance.

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