Insatiable season 1, episode 4 recap: ‘WMBS’


Patty goes back and forth over destroying a marriage in Insatiable, because why not?

Insatiable continues its streak of crazy and odd in the fourth episode as Patty tries to figure out whether or not she really wants to destroy Armstrong’s marriage. However, something weird happens in this episode, yes, weirder than usual.

After Barnard’s wife, Etta Mae is kicked out of the Junior League, she and Coralee decide to create a group called “Working Mothers Benevolent Society” or when it’s pronounced–wombs.

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They decide they’ll do a huge mother-daughter pageant and this would allow for Patty to participate since the other pageant was canceled and she needs to be in one to qualify for Miss Magic Jesus. Since Patty’s mother is a no go, Coralee would take the place of her mother in the pageant, which complicates things since Patty intended on taking her down.

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It strikes us as a bit odd that the story feels scattered and all over the place. What exactly do they want here? Patty is flipping back and forth constantly about her feelings and her mother is a fleeting presence yet it feels like they want to keep her around. It all doesn’t make sense and feels too messy. Are we sure we’re watching a Netflix show?

Brick and Regina’s affair comes out in the open in this episode of Insatiable after a traffic ticket showing the two of them together is seen. Regina is literally the most annoying character to have ever graced our television screens and we would literally take anyone but her. Please.

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Patty ends up bonding with Coralee as they prepare for the pageant which makes it difficult to want to take her down. She ends up learning about Coralee’s past and Coralee offers her advice and support, so honestly, if Patty takes her down then we just give up.

At the WMBS pageant, there is a series of oddball performances by Barnard and Armstrong, and then Dixie and Regina sabotage Patty and Coralee’s dresses by writing misspelled slurs all over them. Armstrong ends up adding more slurs so the girls can make a statement and it ends up working in their favor because they won the pageant.

Regina ends up getting arrested in the episode for statutory rape, so hopefully, we get to see less of her, but somehow we don’t think that will be the case. But one can hope.

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And just when you think things are settling into a groove on Insatiable, Patty’s rage comes out, and this time it’s all because of Coralee who proceeds to ignore Patty after the competition is over.

So what does Patty do? Shows Coralee the necklace Stella Rose gave her. And this encapsulates the effect it can take on an individual when their mother or a motherly figure betrays them. Brutal, just brutal.