American Horror Story: Connie Britton & Dylan McDermott to return for season 8


Attention American Horror Story fans, this is not a drill! Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott are set to return for season 8!

American Horror Story fans are currently rejoicing over the latest news for season 8. After months of speculation and hoping and wishing, fans are finally getting what they want–the return of Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott for the upcoming eighth season that will present a crossover with past seasons of Coven and Murder House.

Britton and McDermott were in the very first season of the series and played a couple that had a very twisted, complicated story that resulted in their deaths by the season 1 finale. But fret not, they went on to live as ghosts in the Murder House, and it will most likely how they will enter the story for season 8.

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According to TheWrap, someone on the production team revealed that Britton will be filming her scenes on Friday on the set of Murder House and McDermott began shooting his scenes on Wednesday. FX has not confirmed or denied these statements nor have Britton’s representatives responded to the comments.

While it’s not confirmed which characters they will be playing in season 8 of American Horror Story, we can assume it’ll be as the married couple, Ben and Vivien Harmon. For anyone that needs a refresher on who they are, let us remind you.

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Vivien was raped by Tate (Evan Peters) and gave birth to twins. One of the twins (Michael) was adopted by Tate’s mother, Constance (Jessica Lange). It was confirmed that Lange would be returning for season 8 and that Cody Fern would play the role of Michael as a grown-up.

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