Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 6 recap: ‘If We Make It Through December’


Last week on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna managed to vanquish the baked-goods-drugging demon, Jolene, before the demon convinced Waverly to kill herself.

Also, in the previous episode of Wynonna Earp found the bond between Mama Earp, whose given name is Michelle, and her daughters renewed. In addition, Wynonna learned about Doc’s wife, Kate, and Doc found Bulshar’s ring and refused the demon’s request for his help. Plus, Wynonna learned from Bobo del Rey, who is still languishing in the well, that Waverly’s father was an angel, literally.

This week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “If We Make It Through December,” takes place on Christmas. Everyone is celebrating. Nicole is dressed as an elf. Michelle decorates a tree. Doc brings over another tree, but Michelle dismisses him. She’s still angry that he kept his marriage to Kate from Wynonna.

Elsewhere, Sheriff Nedley plays Santa Claus at a Purgatory festival. One of the kids there takes off when he thinks he sees the real Santa. He finds a tall man dressed in red. Then, there’s only screaming.

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At the Homestead, Wynonna reveals to Waverly that her father is an angel. Michelle tells them the story of her affair with the angel, Julian. How she loved him but then he disappeared the day Waverly was born. She never looked for him because Michelle had her hands full ever since with the demon that was after Waverly.

Waverly says she doesn’t feel like an angel, and Wynonna concedes Bobo could have been lying. Michelle is surprised to hear Bobo is still around — he was there the night Waverly was born.

Wynonna is called about the kidnapped child and leaves to help with the search. Waverly tries to press Michelle for more information, but Michelle says she doesn’t want to focus on the past anymore.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to bring the tree Michelle rejected to the station but a now-mustache-less Jeremy isn’t pleased to see him. Doc tries to cheer Jeremy up but Jeremy is bummed because Robin, the man he seemed to hit it off within episode 4, never called him. Doc advises him to just ask for what he wants. Jeremy calls Robin.

Unfortunately, the phone that rings is in a bowl at a sinister-looking facility where people are being tortured as they scream. Tim, the boy who was kidnapped from the Christmas festival where Nedley was playing Santa is checked in, informed he made the naughty list and shoved in a cage with Robin.

At the grounds of the festival, Nicole tries to take statements from a crowd of witnesses, while Nedley sits apart, upset and immobile because he didn’t prevent the kidnapping. Nicole directs Wynonna to the scene of the kidnapping where an officer from fire services, Charlie, is looking for clues.

Wynonna introduces herself and then quickly deduces that there’s way too much blood there for it to all be from a kid. She believes the scene was staged to make it look like Tim is dead so they won’t look for him.

When a branch falls from above, Charlie pulls Wynonna out of the way. With some level of trust established, Wynonna takes him to meet her team on this week’s Wynonna Earp. She also brings a sample of the blood at the scene to Jeremy for testing. She learns from Waverly that Tim’s family has a long history in Purgatory and determines that Bulshar was likely responsible for taking him.

She and the team awkwardly try to explain who Bulshar is to Charlie. As they do so, Jeremy who’s still in a foul mood, perks up as he realizes that Robin’s family are also long-standing residents of Purgatory. So, it’s possible instead of being ghosted, Jeremy’s potential love interest was just kidnapped by Bulshar. Yay?

Elsewhere, Waverly goes to visit Bobo at the well. She wants to hear about the night she was born. Bobo tells her he went to the Gibson greenhouse when he heard screaming coming from it. He found Michelle, who had just given birth to Waverly.

Before she passed out from the blood loss, Michelle gave the baby to Bobo who took her to Michelle’s husband, Ward. Ward knew the baby wasn’t his and threatens to shoot her. But Bobo tells him he must care for Waverly. If Ward hurts her, Bobo will kill him.

Waverly knows he’s leaving something out. Bobo was there when her father went missing, so what happened to him. Bobo implies he knows where Julian is but says he won’t reveal more until he’s out of the well. Refusing to play his game, Waverly shuts the cover back over the well and leaves.

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Doc go to speak with Doc’s wife about the reasons Bulshar might go after first families. Wynonna figures Kate might know something about Bulshar’s agenda since she was a member of the vampire clan that was trying to create a first-family tribute for Bulshar before Wynonna took them out.

Kate only knows that they were supposed to separate the descendants of first families from everyone else. And they weren’t supposed to kill any of the descendants. She doesn’t know why.

Wynonna is tough on Kate but Doc tries to defend her. He believes Kate is a victim who was taken by vampires and turned into one against her will. Wynonna knows what Doc is too blind to see — Kate was a vampire when they met over a century ago. Kate tried to tell him repeatedly, but Doc thought it was all role-playing.

Kate left when Doc got sick because she couldn’t bear to see him waste away. And once she got word he died, she rejoined her undead family in Europe.

Wynonna stalks out, unhappy to hear the details of Doc’s and Kate’s union. Doc promises Kate Wynonna will warm up to her but Kate just wants to know when Doc will.

Doc follows an angry Wynonna back into the station. Wynonna tells him she won’t be the other woman but Doc says he hasn’t been with Kate in a hundred years. Wynonna doubts him but he tells her what he has with her is deeper than what he had with Kate. After all, they had a baby.

Wynonna kisses him and then pulls away. Doc asks her to start being honest with him, but Wynonna counters they should get back to work.

Nicole and Charlie lead a search for Tim in the woods. Nicole finds a pile of petals in the snow and takes a photo as Charlie looks on.

In the sinister facility, a man is forcibly put in a chair and hooked up to a large funnel. Bulshar tells Tim and Robin to watch the man die as their ancestors watched Bulshar die. Bulshar then pours what looks like green goo into the funnel, as Robin covers Tim’s eyes.

At the station, Jeremy explains that the petals Nicole found are not native to the area and are usually used to cover up noxious fumes from a factory. Also, the blood Wynonna sampled was from pigs, not a child.

With that news, the team brainstorm factory facilities in the area where they can look for Bulshar and the kidnapped members of the first families. Doc proposes teaming up to search them but Wynonna says they should split up to go to each facility since time is of the essence.

At the facility, Bulshar taunts Tim. Tim’s great-great-grandfather helped Wyatt Earp ambush him. Bulshar looks like he’s going to kill Tim next, so Robin jumps in front of Tim and tells Bulshar he’s next. Robin tries to reassure Tim that it’ll be all right as he’s strapped to a chair.

Charlie meets Wynonna at the facility she’s chosen to search. She checks to make sure he’s not a demon. Then, they use his fire equipment to break in.

Bingo! They’ve found the kidnapping victims. Wynonna takes out revenant after revenant and Charlie frees the prisoners. Unfortunately, Bulshar gets away.

At the station, the kidnapping victims reunite with their loved ones. Upon seeing him, Robin hugs Jeremy. Robin kisses an uncertain Jeremy to prove he wouldn’t have ghosted him if he hadn’t been kidnapped. Awww.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Wynonna flirt. Charlie wants to know if he’s on her team now. She assures him he’s team-adjacent on Wynonna Earp.

Nicole goes to see Nedley, who has isolated himself in his office. He’s still beating himself up for letting Tim get kidnapped right under his nose. He won’t let it happen again — he’s retiring. Nicole will be the new sheriff.

At Christmas dinner, Doc wants to know why Wynonna didn’t call when she found the kidnapping victims. Wynonna tells him Charlie was there to help her so it was fine. Doc gets the message.

After they group gives toasts on Wynonna Earp, Doc gets up to leave. Waverly tells Wynonna to go after him, but Michelle stops her.

After dinner, Wynonna and Michelle wash the dishes together. Michelle tells her to go after Doc. Wynonna counters that Doc’s married to a vampire, and anyway she still doesn’t think she deserves him. Michelle reassures her that she does.

She doesn’t want Wynonna to settle like she did. Wynonna tells Michelle they can find Julian, but if they find Doc, Wynonna will give him an earful for ditching Michelle the day she gave birth.

Wynonna takes off but instead of finding Doc, she seeks out Charlie. She’s surprised he’s not more freaked out by everything he encountered. But Charlie knows Purgatory has a reputation. They kiss. Wynonna tells him it has to be a no strings thing and he agrees.

Michelle goes to see Bobo in the well. She wants to know where Julian is. She’s brought a rope to free him in exchange for the information.

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Elsewhere, Doc has gone to see Kate. She was attacked by Bulshar’s followers. They came to collect fealty. She fought them off but was hurt in the process. Kate insists she needs Doc and Doc says he’ll help her any way he can.

Doc agrees to let Kate turn him into a vampire as the episode comes to a close.

A vampire Doc — that’ll be quite a thing to behold. Plus, will an angel named Julian be dropping by sometime soon? We’ll see on next week’s Wynonna Earp!

See you then Earpers! If you need more Wynonna Earp in your life before then, check out our recap of episode 5 and stream the season so far on Syfy.