Warner Bros looking into a potential ALF reboot


While nothing is set in stone, it seems like Warner Bros is considering a reboot of the popular 80’s sitcom ALF.

The show, which featured the alien ALF and the normal American family who took him in, ran for 4 seasons and became a pop culture phenomenon.

The project is in its early stages, according to Deadline, and the search is on for a writer. But there is one big question for an ALF reboot. Will audiences tune in like they did 30 years ago? There is no doubt that certain shows are absolutely timeless. Reboots are also in high demand lately, with shows from Full House to Twin Peaks all having successful reboots in the last few years. But what about rebooting a show based on a truly iconic TV star? There is an interesting example of that as well.

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Carol Burnett, one of the most iconic women in the history of television and the creator of a truly groundbreaking show named after her currently has a Netflix series called A Little Help with Carol Burnett. The show’s premise is that kids give celebrities and average adults on the spot advice about life, while Carol hosts.

There is one other factor that suggests a reboot may work out well; ALF is a character created for television and does not age like a person would. This means that the creators of the show don’t have to worry about issues such as continuity. This is one major reason why cartoons tend to be able to go on longer than other types of shows, as they don’t have to deal with things like a character aging or something like that.

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Are you interested in seeing a reboot for ALF? Be sure to comment below with what you would like to see in a new incarnation of the original show!