Ballers season 4, episode 4 recap: ‘Forgiving is Living’


Last week on Ballers, Spencer fired Lance from his own company for spending $1 million on a skateboard video (among other things), while Ricky continued to attempt his comeback to the NFL behind his baby mama’s back.

This week’s episode starts with Spencer refusing to back down on his decision of firing Lance to Joe. Spencer said that Lance was stealing money from the company and Joe needs to get over it.

When Spencer and Joe get to the officers, almost everything is gone. They are told that Lance is starting his own company and took almost all the employees. He also took everything. Spencer points out that there is a no-compete and Lance doesn’t seem to care and took Kelly Slater with him.

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Kelly said that he is staying with Lance because he is loyal.

Spencer tells the remaining employees not to leave because they are going to war.

Next, Ricky is working out with UFC superstar Randy Couture and tells them that he is considering un-retiring. He asks Randy how he knew he was good to come back. Couture said that he will know if he gets punched in the face.

They tell Ricky that if his motivation is money and cars, then he is done. Ricky said that he would rather be playing football than sitting in his house and waiting to die, to which Couture said that he might just need more therapy.

Meanwhile, Jason hears from a client that his girl put him on blast with a photo on social media showing him with another girl. Jason is told to fix this or else.

Spencer is trying to get clients and asks for Tony Hawke. However, everyone including Hawke said that they won’t work with anyone but Lance, even though he is a dick.

Their TVs went down and Spencer went to find out why. Jason is in trouble since Donna is ruining his client’s lives with

Spencer went in to see why the TV network his company owns is down. Since Lance was fired, he told the TV network to go dark. Spencer said he doesn’t care what they put on to play but to play something.

Spencer learns that Lance is calling the investors personally and at least one investor wants out now.

Spencer and Joe then find Parker to convince him to stay with them. Parker asks how they can know what he does, and Spencer said that he is part-Samoan. Parker said that he is not going with Lance but will go without a rep for a few months. Spencer said that is ok and to let them know if he changes his mind.

Ricky gets back home from working out. Ricky asks TTD to punch him in the face. He provokes him, gets hit and then said he thinks he is ready to go back to the NFL.

Jason takes a present home to his girl and asks her to lie for him to help him with his client.

Joe said they should continue selling SportsX for a loss, but Spencer said that there is an answer. Both men argue over who is to blame for this. Joe said this was his chance and Spencer tries to let him know that Joe convinced him that firing Lance was an overreaction.

Spencer shows up at Lance’s place and is there to apologize. Lance makes him apologize a second time and said that he is wrong. Lance rubs it in to bask in the moment. Lance decides that he doesn’t need financing and he will buy the company back at 50 cents on the dollar.

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Spencer wants to take the offer. Joe asks to run point on the negotiations and tells Lance to stick it up his a** and then walks out and Spencer loved it.

The episode ends with Spencer heading into to his hotel room where Jada – Quincy’s mom – is waiting for him with a bottle of wine.