Ozark season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘Precious Blood of Jesus’


Old habits are hard to shake off in the second episode of Ozark season 2–but was it really necessary?

Ozark is two episodes in and it wasted no time regressing back to some of season 1’s old plot points such as Wendy’s extra-marital activities.

For those who may have forgotten, Wendy cheating on Marty was a catalyst for much of what transpired in the first season. And this episode dove right back into that icky sentiment, and it was definitely too soon.

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In an attempt to get the casino bill passed, Wendy pays Charlie Wilkes a visit. It seems he is offering her the vote for sex, but it feels too awkward considering her and Marty haven’t really hashed out their issues.

And then there was Cade and Ruth who took a very predictable turn after Cade basically threatened and physically attacked her. Wow, he doesn’t actually support his daughter? What a shocker said I with sarcasm.

However, this didn’t really stop the momentum of the story that is beginning to unfold in the second season of Ozark. Wendy used her charm and wits to get more votes for the casino bill and at some point spots Mason Young begging for money on the streets whilst preaching.

The backlash of guilt overwhelms her as she blames herself and Marty for how Mason ended up but Marty doesn’t seem to really care or agree.

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We caught up with Rachel from last season only to learn that she is not doing so great. She has fallen into drugs and is arrested after crashing her car. Unfortunately, it continues to go downhill from here when Agent Petty does her interrogation and proceeds to blackmail her to take the Byrdes down. He knows that they have cartel money and is fairly certain the money found in Rachel’s car is Marty’s as well.

Thanks to Wendy and Charlie, the remaining votes for the casino bill are achieved (and she didn’t actually have to sleep with him!) through blackmailing a senator and his wife and then Wilkes coming through on his end with the last vote.

Marty has an interesting arc this episode as he ventures off with Buddy to meet someone from Buddy’s past. A man named Frank Cosgrove is trying to pull out all the stops on the casino going through and luckily for Marty, Buddy knows Frank from his mobster days and is able to make a deal to help Marty out.

Ruth is really stepping it up for Marty (despite her horrible father’s presence) and negotiates a deal for a paddleboat with ease and her wits. However, it all backfires when she calls her father for help to tow the boat during which she confides in him about the money Marty gave her.

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Cade is not the smartest individual but he knows one thing –Marty = money. And that money is something Ruth can get her hands on.

But Ruth won’t let him get the best of her–because she’s a badass and will inevitably take him down Ruth style.