Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 11 recap: ‘The Code’


Fear The Walking Dead focuses on a Morgan-centric episode this week as he continues to trek back towards Virginia.

Fear The Walking Dead makes fans smile when they give us an episode that is all about Morgan. There has been a lot of question and speculation about whether or not Morgan is headed back to The Walking Dead. Last week, he made the decision to return to Virginia, back to the good ‘ol crew.

However, things got in the way (as we expected them to), and Morgan’s plans were interrupted by the introduction of some new characters. The episode began with Morgan looking for Alicia and then winding up in the back of a truck. He stumbles across a box that says, “Take what you need, leave what you don’t.”

Morgan ends up falling asleep in the truck and wakes up the next morning to find he is now in Mississippi next to a gas station. Once inside the gas station, he realizes someone has been there recently but before he can investigate further, a voice calls out from one of the walkie-talkies.

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Did we mention that the gas station has a working toilet? How amazing must that luxury be in the apocalypse (without wondering where it’s all piling up at)? While using the bathroom, Morgan hears a gun cock outside the door and opens it to see a man in a wheelchair pointing a gun at him.

Along with the man whose name we learn is Wendell, a woman named Sarah is there and they both claim to be twins. Curious Morgan wants to know if there are more places like this filled with supplies, but the two hesitate to disclose much information. In conversation, Morgan mentions there is a place in Virginia trying to start over which peaks their interest.

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When hears about how bad the hurricane got in Texas, Morgan starts to drive back to see if anyone survived. However, he is riddled with thoughts and voices and ultimately heads back towards Sarah and Wendell. On his way back, he runs into a man that is handcuffed with a bag over his head trying to run away from walkers.

We come to learn that Sarah and Wendell have been looking for this man who can apparently make beer and are the ones who kidnapped him in the first place. Along with the man, Sarah and Wendell tie up Morgan as well and throw them in the back of the truck.

Morgan isn’t too keen on sharing the location of where Rick and the group are located in Virginia and as a result, he is thrown out of the truck amidst a group of walkers to fend for himself. He does give them directions hoping they’ll save him, but he’s smarter than that and gives them the incorrect ones.

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Morgan does eventually get himself out of the unfortunate situation without getting bit (phew!) and when he arrives at the bridge he refused to cross earlier, he finds Wendell and Sarah waiting for him. They make a deal where he promises to tell them where in Virginia if they can pick up his friends and help others along the way. He also leaves boxes every ten miles or so for people to come across and take supplies from as needed.

The episode ends with Morgan talking on the walkie-talkie to whomever the truck belongs to and alerting them he is bringing the truck back. Cut to a lady who has a walker in the gas station with it pinned against the wall. Hmm, she seems pretty sketchy–doesn’t she?

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